Authentic Sherri Hill dresses blend superior design and quality. Please follow the below guidlines to ensure you are getting an authentic Sherri Hill dress.  Knock-off dresses are created and sold with the intent to defraud consumers. The sale of such goods is illegal in most countries and often shown to fund organized crime and terrorism. Counterfeit goods are also produced in sweatshops utilizing child labor. Please help us eliminate such practices by buying from authorized retailers, registering your purchase below and reporting fraudulent sellers where you find them.

1.Make sure the shop or web site is an authorized retailer of Authentic Sherri Hill dresses. You can find all authorized retailers listed on the web site's Where to Buy page. Should there be any doubt please contact us about any shop or web site at

*You will find Authorized Dealer badges on many of the authorized shop's web sites and store windows. You can click on the logo from their web site to verify on Sherri Hill also participates and supports the badge.

2. Take note of the advertised price. Authentic Sherri Hill dresses are made with quality materials and constructed by hand. Price will be consistent across all authorized retailers. Should you find a shop or web site offering a Sherri Hill dress substantially lower than other shops, it is most likely a low quality counterfeit item they are selling. Please do not be taken advantage of and report the site to

3. All Sherri Hill authorized online retailers of Sherri Hill can be verified by searching here. Please enter the web site url here before making a purchase online. Results are verified by

Enter domain name:

4. Register your Authentic Sherri Hill dress. Please register your dress to further ensure your dress is authentic and help us prevent fraud. Most, but not all of our dresses will have a unique serial number. Our team checks each registration in detail and will contact you if there is reason to believe you have purchased a fake, knock-off or counterfeit dress.