The 10 Best Prom Dresses that Will Make You Fall in Love

Choosing the right prom dress is not something that you can do in a moment. It takes understanding of the shape of your body and what looks good on you, and only you can know that for sure. We’ve looked at ten wonderful prom dress styles that might be the right choice for you, so let’s get down to business!

Mermaid V-Neck

Sherri Hill Best Prom Dresses

For many girls, the Mermaid look is a classic prom choice, especially when presented in a wonderful pale blue or sea green color with lace detailing. This type of dress always looks best with a V-neck, giving you the perfect opportunity to adorn it with the necklace of choice – pearls, of course! This look goes down well at many an occasion, so you can wear it again.

Backless Ballgown

Sherri Hill Best Prom Dresses

For this look think of a dark red ballgown with a backless form, one that has a full-length skirt and high top. The wonderful think about backless is that it exudes glamour and style while being easy to wear for the right type of girl. This look will certainly be easy to fall in love with, and not just for yourself!

A-Line Short Scoop Neck

Sherri Hill Best Prom Dresses

We love the short A-line look in a deep green with a tulle top and a scoop neck. It’s simple, chic, and is trending right now. This almost a ‘girl next door’ look but one with a little daring to it. If you have the legs, you have the look, and you’ll know if the iconic A-line style works for you. A great accessory for this style is a classy clutch-bag.

Full-Length Split Skirt

Sherri Hill Best Prom Dresses

The ‘Hollywood’ look – with a full length, slim fitting ballgown with a split skirt – is one where you need to know how to make an entrance. We guarantee that you will fall in love with this style in deep blue, a great colour for a prom choice, and you’ll certainly get a lot of admiring glances. Just make sure your partner is not the jealous type if you want to pull this off!

Classic Princess Ballgown

Sherri Hill Best Prom Dresses

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a classic Princess style ballgown? All volume and superbly stylish in pale pastel colors, this is traditional choice for a prom and one that will always be met with a smile. You won’t be the only one, so choose your color and neck style carefully for the best effect and you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Simple Black Short Dress

If you want a look that’s stylish, trendy, and always timeless, why not go down the Little Black Dress route? We know it’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché that works, especially if you want to portray that sultry, sexy style that goes down a storm at a prom party. Don’t be afraid to head down this road, it’s one that you’ll love if you get it right.

Strapless Full Skirt

Sherri Hill Best Prom Dresses

Another prom classic is the strapless dress with a full-length skirt. While any color works, we like this in red or blue – make sure it’s a strong shade you choose – for maximum effect. The strapless look is a great one for the taller girl as it emphasises the body style and shape, while the long skirt gives a sense of elegance rarely seen in other styles.

Stylish Sweetheart Dress with Train

Sherri Hill Best Prom Dresses

Are you looking for a dress that makes the full impact? Then find a beautiful and exquisite Sweetheart dress, and make sure it’s one that comes with a train! You can’t beat this look if you want to be the star of your prom but be aware it’s not the easiest dress to wear. That train looks great when you make your entrance, but we recommend it can be detached for the dance floor.

Silver Sequin Ball Gown

Sherri Hill Best Prom Dresses

Finally, let us introduce you to the one look that is trending right now – the metallic finish, in this case a silver sequinned ball gown that is bot outrageous and gorgeous at once. If you want heads to turn when you walk into your prom, this is the one that will have the crowd amazed.

That’s our choice, so which is for you? Take your time and look online for your perfect prom dress and enjoy your party.

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