5 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Homecoming Dress

Are you having trouble finding that ‘just right’ dress for your homecoming? We know it can be difficult, so we’re here to help! We’ve put together five great tips that should help you make the decision easier. Take our tips as inspiration and we believe you’ll save time and stand every chance of finding the perfect dress. Let’s start by talking about the benefits of online shopping – or even just window shopping.

Look at Online Fashion Retailers

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress

The sheer convenience of online fashion stores cannot be overlooked. You can spend time at your laptop or even on your phone looking at simply loads of sites offering a great choice in party dresses, and you’ll find there are retailers who offer last season’s top designs at great prices so you can bag a bargain. Many retailers are also high street stores so can go to their bricks and mortar shop and try on the dresses you’ve put on your list. You may find that an online retailer has the same or very similar dress at a better price, so start looking now, it’s fun and saves you a lot of time.

Buy What You Love

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress

There is a sense of being pressured into buying what people expect you to wear for homecoming. Perhaps you are looking at what others are going to wear, with a view to conforming. That’s the last thing you should do! What you need to do to make the right choice is find something that, when you see it and try it on, makes you go ‘wow!’ It might not be what you have in mind, but you love it, nonetheless. Find something you truly love that you will enjoy wearing, and not something to satisfy others. Not only will this mean you look great, but that you feel comfortable and within your boundaries at all times.

Dress to Your Body Type

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress

You and only you know what suits your body type. You might be a curvy girl and want to show that off, or one with a prominent bust. You may be bigger than average, or even smaller, but it doesn’t matter. There will be something that flatters your body type and size, and the best way to get it right is to go by experience. You know what you’ve worn before that looked great and felt comfortable, and there’s probably been a couple of fashion mistakes in your party history too. Use these experiences to know what suits you and ask for help in a boutique if you’re not sure. You will get it right, rest assured!

The Before you Buy

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress

Now we know we’ve suggested shopping online, but we also know that it’s best to try on that beautiful dress before you buy it. That’s why we suggest finding an online retailer with local stores and combining the two. However, we will also suggest that most online retailers will offer a sensible returns system. If you don’t like the garment or it doesn’t fit, you can send it back – often free of charge – and get your money back. Be certain to check terms and conditions as some will offer a credit, while others may charge for returns. Best of all, when you have a few designs you like book a day in town with your friends for some retail therapy!

Consider How Much is On Show

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress

Our final tip is this: be aware how revealing your chosen dress is going to be in the situation that you find yourself in. You want to show off enough flesh and your prize assets to look great, but you don’t want to be too brazen. You want to get those looks of admiration, but you don’t want them fixated on you when they can see too much. There’s always a limit that is graceful and acceptable while also being sexy and chic, but it can be easy to go overboard. Also, if you’re going to be seated, it may pay not to go too short for the sake of general decency, so choose your outfit carefully!

These five tips are here to guide you through the difficult and stressful process of choosing the right homecoming dress, and to make it less stressful and more fun! By following our advice, we hope that you are able to make the best choice and find the outfit that is right for your homecoming party, so get started and enjoy your big day.