Party Dresses that will Make You Look Like a Little Princess

If you’re looking for that certain dress that can give you the princess look, you’re in the right place! We’ve got some great ideas to share with you about dresses that can provide the look you want, no matter how young or old you might be. Every girl wants to look like a princess, after all, so where do we start? Our first choice is the classic ballgown look that never wears thin, and always stands the test of time.

The Ballgown Look


Flowing and large, beautiful and bold, the classic princess look is delivered by a ballgown, and with many different interpretations for this style of dress, you can’t fail to find one that suits. We suggest for the perfect effect you look to pastel colors that are more muted than bright hues, and we also advise you to go big on the skirt with a wide and flowing hem. This look is a great choice for teens for homecomings and proms, and also a fine one for smaller children perhaps at a wedding. For the adult, it’s one that you simply enjoy wearing to a classy event where you want to look the part.

Mermaid Style


The mermaid style of dress does, we admit, require a certain body shape to get it right. If you’re tall and slender or have wide hips or chest area, this dress – with its reducing width to the skirt the lower you go – is simply the most sensational princess look you will find anywhere. It’s a style that is never out, and one that will grace the formal events season forevermore, but it’s also one that you can wear to parties, weddings, and other events. Perhaps not for the younger girl, we suggest a pale yellow or blue as the color to go for if the mermaid look is for you.

The Flapper Dress


Think princess and you don’t usually think of the flapper dress, the small and simple shift that typifies the 1920’s and all that glamour. But we think you should, and here’s why: the flapper dress is one of the simplest designs of all. It’s easy to wear, great to accessorize, and looks both stylish and sexy. Wear it in black and you’re evoking speakeasy and the prohibition years, but it also comes with a bit of sparkle, which gives it the princess element. It’s not for everyone, but why not give it a go? You never know, it might be the most brilliant choice you ever made.

Strapless and Backless


Is a strapless and backless dress the ultimate in princess style? Think of Princess Grace of Monaco in her film star days, slender and beautiful in a glamorous dress such as this. Or the most famous of all, Princess Diana, who wore dresses like this to perfection. Elegant, gloriously showy, superbly proportioned, and absolutely alluring, a dress that combines no straps with no back is not the easiest to carry off, yet it’s probably the most princess style of dress you will ever wear. Remember to keep accessories to the minimum, and let the dress do the talking.

Sparkling and Jewels


Dresses with sparkling finishes are very much in vogue right now, and if you choose a longer, flowing design with sequins you are evoking the princess look right there. Think black or deep purple, with shimmering jewels and sequins adorning the dress, a long garment that goes right to the floor for maximum effect, and you have a princess look that is both modern and timeless, and supremely elegant. This is the party look for the woman or girl who wants to stand out from the crowd, and one that works every time.

Girl Next Door


We mentioned Princess Diana, and wasn’t she the very personification of the Girl Next Door, an English Rose of the highest order? Think of the famous picture of her with that simple translucent skirt, and you see where we are coming from. She had princess style yet was a demure and simple woman who enjoyed the pleasures of life, so take your cue from one of the most legendary princesses in history, and keep things simple yet elegant, as that’s what real princesses do.

We hope the above ideas have given you inspiration for achieving the princess look, so start searching now, and make sure you get the right look for your next special occasion. Thanks for reading and have fun finding that perfect princess dress.