The Best Prom Dresses for any Size, Style or Budget

Your prom is an exciting occasion, one you are looking forward to and nervous about in equal measure! How do we know this? Because that’s how most girls feel in the lead up to the prom. The biggest worry is, of course, choosing the right dress. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide with some important tips that should help make the decision easier, so let’s start with the first point – what sort of dress do you want to wear to your prom?

What Type of Prom Dress is for You?

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It’s a big decision so you need to take a bit of time. Where do you start looking? Pick up some fashion magazines or check out blogs. See what the fashion influencers are wearing this season and think about how that style may or may not work for you. There are some dresses you will look at and instantly dismiss – we all have our own personal taste after all – so start by making a note of those you reckon to be ‘possibles’. This way you will soon draw up a shortlist of candidates and you can start looking in more detail.

Know Your Body Type

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This is more important than you might think. Remember that when you are looking at the pictures in blogs or magazines, they are being modeled by professionals who have been carefully chosen for their body type. What works for one girl may not for another. What body type are you? An hourglass figure – where the shape is well-defined top to bottom – may look stunning in a sleek and slim fitting dress. A pear-shaped body, however, will not, and would be better suited by an A-line dress that draws attention from the wider waist. There is plenty of information available on blogs about body types, so set aside some time to research what’s best for you.

Match Neckline to Face

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You may not realize the difference your face – and in the main its shape – can make to the appearance of an outfit. If you have a round face, for example, you will look best in a V-neck or Empire style neck prom dress, as high-neck dresses will hide your neck and accentuate the face. If you are a girl with a triangle face – a broader forehead – then the opposite applies, and the best dresses are those with a cowl neck. Check out all the information you can and ask your friends to help define your face shape.

Consider the Color

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Perhaps the first decision you make will be in regard to the color of the dress you choose for your prom. Some of us like to go bold and bright – sultry red, for example, or even a sunny orange – while others stay with classic black or white for traditional prom dress appeal. However, there is much more in between. Pastel colors never age and are easy to accessorize, while patterned dresses have been very much in vogue in recent years. It also depends on whether you’re the girl who wants the attention, or the one who simply needs to blend in and enjoy the evening. Bright and bold is not for the shy, and neither are striking patterns, so if you are the shy type, we suggest simple, stylish, and in a dark colour or black.

Check Online Retailers

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You likely have your favorite store in town. That’s great, as we strongly recommend you stick with what you are familiar with and enjoy wearing. But we also advise that you take a look at the many online retailers, they might have more variety.

Be Comfortable in Your Prom Dress

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Finally, it’s important you are comfortable in your dress, both physically and mentally. Don’t be forced to try and top what your friends are choosing, this is for you and not for them. Wear a dress that fits well, that you’ve tried on and are happy with, and also one that you will not feel over-exposed wearing. If you’ve got it and you want to flaunt it, great and we say go for it, but it you’re not one who wants to be stared at, stick to something simple. We hope we’ve helped, so start looking at those fashion blogs right now