The Perfect Prom Dress: A Guide to Finding the Right One

There are some occasions that are special to a young woman, and then there is PROM! Prom is a mix of a coming-of-age celebration and a mark of a stage in life reached, and as such, it becomes a poignant occasion that means a lot to many young girls. It’s an occasion where the boys dress smart and the girls go all-out for glamour, and a fun time is had by all. How do you choose a prom dress? Let’s have a look!

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What is Your Perfect Prom Dress?

It’s a good question: what is your perfect prom dress? It’s an important question too, for what is perfect for you will not be for others. Choosing a prom dress is about choosing something that you like, that reflects who you are and that you’ll be happy and comfortable wearing in front of all your friends. Remember – these memories last a lifetime!

The personality aspect is important. Let’s say you’re a quieter, retiring type – one who enjoys occasions but doesn’t want to be the center of attention. If this is you, you’re not the sort of girl who’s going to choose an off-the-shoulder dress with a plunging neckline that has all eyes on your bust! Instead, you’ll look for something simple yet stylish, and that does not reveal too much.

The other end of the scale is the girl follows the ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ angle and wants to show off her assets! That’s great, and there’s plenty out there for you if that’s your style. Most of us, however, sit in the middle and the perfect prom dress is one that looks beautiful, feels great to be in, and draws the right amount of attention without making us feel uncomfortable. So, where do you find the perfect Sherri Hill prom dress? We got ya babe!

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Where to Find the Perfect Prom Dress

Girls of this day and age are lucky to have access to a vast amount of online fashion retailers. These are a mix of high street brands and independent boutiques offering more choice than you could ever imagine. We recommend you start by asking around friends where they shop online, and then run some web searches and gather names of retailers. Make sure they are an authorized Sherri Hill Retailer. If you’re not sure got to our ‘Find A Store’ on our top options to make sure they carry Sherri Hill.

If you’re shopping at an actual brick-and-mortar store look for a mix of shops you already love and smaller boutique retailers that carry Sherri Hill. It’s worth checking the parts of town off the beaten track, and a local web search will give you some ideas to work with.

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Style 54787 in Aqua.

How to Wear the Perfect Prom Dress

So you’ve taken your time and found the perfect Sherri Hill dress, now how to wear it! By this we mean do you accessorize, or not? The thing is you’ve bought the dress to make just the right impact and impression. Jewelry can be very beautiful, but many girls make the mistake of going over the top when it comes to adornments. We say keep it simple, and let the dress – and you – do the talking! Too much in the way of diamonds, gold and silver can draw the attention away from where you want it to be or if you’re not the attention-seeking type, will get you the unwanted sort!

The way to wear your dress is as you want to, and as it is designed to be. But remember to be you when you put that prom dress on, as that’s what the occasion is all about. Your personality should shine through in your presence at your prom, as it’s an occasion that only happens once. Be you whether that means being outlandish and the star of the show or being the quiet one who enjoys herself while looking on. Or, like the rest of us, the ones in between who are simply out to enjoy life.

We hope you’ve found this article inspiring and helpful, so start browsing now and make a list of dresses you like, or arrange a day out in town shopping with a girlfriend, and find that perfect Sherri Hill prom dress that makes you feel like a princess!

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