What to Consider when Buying Your Prom Dress

It’s that time when you get stressed choosing your prom dress, but you don’t need to as we’re here to help! Your prom is a big occasion, one where you want to make an impression. But that doesn’t mean you need to pretend to be someone you’re not! There’s a dress for everyone out there, no matter your height, body type, or taste, and we’re here to tell you how to choose the perfect prom dress. Let’s start by talking about styles.

What Style Do You Prefer?

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Are you a girl who wants to go all out with a full-on ballgown? That’s cool, as the flowing, classic look is in right now, and there are some great designs out there. This is a sort of dress for a one-off occasion, a real ‘look at me’ garment, and one that will wow your friends. Choose from traditional full-length ballgowns or slim, body-hugging designs that are more modern, and you’ll find one that suits you down to the ground.

Perhaps you’re someone who prefers a shorter prom dress, and there are many great styles to choose from with this type of dress. The classic and chic little black dress is a go-to choice for many girls as it can be worn just about anywhere, but be aware that brightly colored and metallic, tight ruched dresses are in this year, and if you want to go down that route, you’ll be setting the bar for others to match.

The baby doll look can be a great choice for a prom, but you might want to be less exposed! There are some simply styled and very elegant dresses that are modest yet engaging, and they come in a range of materials and colors, and from some great designers. Take your time choosing your style, and then follow out tips below to get the best dress for your big night.

Tips on Choosing a Prom Dress

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This isn’t any dress we’re talking about: it’s your prom dress, and that’s something pretty special. Here are a few tips for choosing the right dress, once you’ve decided upon a style:

– Set a budget and stick to it. You don’t have to spend a massive amount to get a beautiful and stylish prom dress. There are many out there that are surprisingly affordable and of great quality, so decide what you’re willing to spend and start a shortlist.

– Don’t be afraid to change your mind. If you’re buying online or at a high street store, you always have the option to decide that, for example, the short purple dress you chose is not actually the right one for you. Take it back, and choose a different one.

– Choose to suit your body type. There are some shapes that simply don’t work with, for example, the more curvaceous girl, but others that really highlight those curves! Likewise, tall and slim girls may find a ballgown looks better than a baby doll, but it’s always your choice. Have a friend give you an opinion on how you look in the dress – friends will be honest!

– Don’t forget comfort. It’s essential that you choose a dress that is not only comfortable to wear but that you feel comfortable wearing. If you don’t want to stand out, steer away from those revealing, low cut slashed dresses that look great in the photos but make you feel like you’re on display. If that’s what you want, however, then go for it!

– Be you, not someone else. Buy a dress that is you, that is your preferred style, no matter what peer pressure is telling you. Everyone might be going down the sparkly finish route, and you want a simple black dress. That’s cool, do it, it’s who you are.

Wear It With Pride!

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Remember, this is your prom, and whether you’re one who wants to be the center of attention or a girl who simply likes to keep in the background and watch what’s going on here is a dress for the occasion. Don’t feel pressured, relax and enjoy yourself, and the prom will be a great occasion.

Buying a prom dress is easier when you have a checklist to go through covering all the factors you need to take into account, so use the tips we’ve listed above. Start by choosing your style, set your budget, and start looking, and something will jump off the page at you – that’s your ideal prom dress.