10 Cute Dresses that Will Have Everyone Talking

Are you searching for that cute dress that will get everyone talking about you? We’ve got 10 great ideas that should give you the inspiration to make the right choice! Be aware that some of these looks are so sensational you’re going to get glances from all angles, but if that’s what you want, here’s you do it!

Mini Dresses are In

Style 54830 in Grey.

Short, simple, and basic – that’s the mini dress for you, and it’s a look that has never been more ‘in’ than it is now. For the girl with the right amount of daring, who wants to get tongues wagging, there is no better way than a brightly colored, very short, and very simple mini dress to make you the center of attention. Don’t do this if you’re shy but do if you want to be noticed!

Midi for the Party Season


If the mini is a step too far for you then check out the many designs of semi-mini dresses. Just that bit less revealing and suitable for any occasion, this is nevertheless a stylish, timeless, and sexy look that will get you the attention you deserve. The choice of colors is simply astounding, or you could go for a floral or patterned look, whatever you choose this is as versatile as it gets.

Off the Shoulder Style


If you want o show some flesh but do it with style, check out some of this season’s off-the-shoulder and strapless dresses. This is a great look in either a long or short dress and one that exudes glamour and style, but you have to be ready to wear this sort of outfit. You’re going to get noticed – that’s a given – but you’re also going to look and feel great, so whatever color you choose make it one you love.

Show off Your Back


Backless dresses are incredibly sexy. They’re also stylish, especially when the cutaway is deep. Think flowing ballgown or figure-hugging with this design, and make sure you accessorize it minimally. You want attention to be on your back, not on the bracelet you wear. It’s a daring look, and one that works when it is done well, so take your time considering what is a surprisingly cute look.

A Simple Slip


Cuteness of the highest order, a simple slip dress can’t be beaten for the girly look that will have all eyes on you. We say keep the color pale and neutral and couple this dress with a natty pair of boots, and you have perhaps the cutest look possible. It screams of fun and excitement, yet is equally demure and sultry, giving you the best of all worlds no matter the occasion you are celebrating.

Girl Next Door Look


Who doesn’t love a girl next door look? Think loose flowing floral print dresses, or perhaps a neat and versatile wrap dress, couple with ribbons and bows for that timeless, simple, and yet extremely attractive style. Any girl can pull this look off and there are many different types of dress that fit the bill here, so get searching and see what you can find.

Sexy Leather


If you’re not averse to wearing leather, the short, cute leather dress is the thing for the season. In red, black, or another plain color, a leather dress can’t help but be cute, and will certainly get people talking. Think biker look but sweet, all zips and shining leather, and you’re on the right lines. Not a look for everyone, but for the exhibitionists among you this will hit the spot.

Graphic Prints and Bright Colours


Graphic print dresses with great swathes of bright color are in and are set to remain so for a long time. No matter whether you go long or short this is the look that is definitely cute, and we think an above-the-knee simple style dress with a bright graphic pattern is as cute as it gets. Plenty to choose from here too, so check out this season’s designs.

A-Line for Curves


A staple of any wardrobe. The girl with curves needs an A-line dress, one in a plain but bright color, ready for any occasion. This is a style that works every time, and we don’t need to say anymore!

The Little Black Number


It had to be here, didn’t it? The little black dress is your go-to garment for cuteness and simplicity. Sexy, fun, and stylish, this is a fashion item that will never fade, so make sure you have one in your wardrobe.