5 Tried and True Tips for a Perfect Prom Night

Prom night is either one of two things: a night you can’t wait for, or one that you are getting stressed about. If it’s the latter then you’re not alone. The lead up to attending your prom – a coming of age occasion that signifies the end of an era – can be stressful and emotional. Rest assured, however, that the night itself will be nothing but excellent fun.

If you need advice we’ve got five great tips that should help you make sure your prom night goes perfectly, so let’s start with the most important part – your dress!

1 – Choose a Dress You are Comfortable Wearing

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You need to find a dress that has that wow factor for you, but it also needs to be comfortable when you wear it. You don’t want to be tightening straps or loosening ties all night so make sure you get a dress that fits you perfectly.

But there’s another type of comfort that is also vital to enjoying prom, and that’s you being comfortable wearing the type of dress you choose. For example, are you worried it’s too short? If so it probably is, and you’ll be constantly aware of this all night. Is it displaying too much bust? Again, if this worries you then it will prey on your mind on the night. You don’t have to show off or reveal, so ensure you’re happily in your comfort zone.

2 – Don’t Have a Date? All the Better!

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It’s one thing many girls get worked up about before prom: not having a date! In fact it’s a good thing, as it means there’s only you to worry about! A date will expect certain behavior and rituals which you don’t have to bother with if you’re on your own. Furthermore, there will be many single young men there too, so you may arrive without a date and leave with one! Don’t let this worry you, it’s not worth it.

3 – Be You, Not Who People Want You To Be

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You might feel pressured to dress a certain way – perhaps how your best friends are doing – or act in a manner that is not you. Peer pressure is a strong force but think of this: Prom is the symbolic line between your school years and your upcoming adulthood. You have had a great time, made some wonderful friends, shared amazing experiences – but that’s in the past.

Now you know who the real you is that’s who you should be on prom night. Think about the impression you want to make and go with that. Don’t let the pressure from others push you away from you. Be yourself, and you’ll enjoy the night more than you could ever believe.

4 – If You’re Not One for the Spotlight Stay in the Wings

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Not everybody wants to be the star of the show. In fact, most girls don’t. You might have a friend who is always the center of attention and loves it. You don’t have to match that, let her be and it will take the pressure off you. If you want to dance then do so, and if you don’t then you don’t have to. But if that dishy guy you’ve had your eye on for a while asks you to then take the chance! Nobody is watching you despite what you think, as they’re all as nervous as you! Be the girl who avoids the attention if that’s who you are.

5 – It’s Just Another Party with Your Friends

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Prom is ‘bigged up’ to something much more than it really is. Yes, it’s a special occasion and a one-off, but look at it like this: is it really any different to all those other school dances you attended? Or any of the parties you went to with the same crowd? The difference is it’s the last school dance, and that’s really all. Treat the evening as just another party with your friends and the pressure and stress will lift!

We hope that our five tips – each of which is proven and makes a lot of sense – helps you enjoy your prom more and removes the stress and nerves that come with such an occasion. It may be The Big One in many ways, but it is just another party, and possibly a rare chance to spend an evening with close friends before some or all of you move away. Relax, enjoy and a have a great time at your prom.