The Ultimate Prom Dress Guide for Your Dream Prom Outfit

Prom is one of those occasions that make you nervous as they approach. You want to enjoy your prom, and look great, but so much about it is stressful and difficult. The main problem is choosing the right dress. Are you meeting a theme, or is there a type of dress you have in mind? What are your friends planning to wear and should that influence your choice? Where is the best place to shop for prom dresses? Let’s look at these questions and see if we can give you some helpful advice.

What Style Are You Looking For?

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Choosing a style that you want to wear for your prom should be a priority. There is so much to consider that it can get quite involved. Here are some factors when thinking about style:

  • Long or short?
  • Off the shoulder or full collar?
  • A-line or slim?
  • Ballgown or simple dress?
  • How revealing do you want it to be?
  • Patterned or plain?

Those are just a few ideas that you should think about when drawing up a shortlist of the types of dresses to consider, and your personal taste will surely influence your ultimate choice. This brings us nicely to our question.

What Do You Like Wearing?

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Is there a style or type of dress that you especially enjoy wearing? If so, use this as a pointer because there is a reason you like this type of dress, and that’s because you look good in it. Certain body shapes will not be flattered by certain styles of dress, and you have undoubtedly discovered the type that you look and feel best in. This is a good starting point and should help in your search.

Where to Shop for Prom Dresses

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You might want to take a day out with friends in town and go shopping for prom dresses. That’s great as you have the advantage of many high street stores, and you can try dresses on and enjoy a day out. If you have a favorite store, then make that your first choice.

Do You Feel Comfortable in the Spotlight?

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If you decide to look for something special for prom – in other words not your usual choice of dress – you need to answer this first: are you comfortable in the spotlight? Many girls choose prom to wear a dress that is low-cut, for example, or one with a full-length split skirt. Then there are the off-the-shoulder designs, dresses with cutaways, and very short dresses that show off the legs.

Each of these is going to get you a lot of attention, and you need to be the sort of girl who is happy with that attention. If not, then choose your usual style or you may find you get attention that you don’t want!

Why You Should Choose a Dress You Can Wear Again

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Briefly, you should choose a dress you can wear at other events or occasions for economic reasons. A prom dress can be expensive but need not be. If you find a beautiful that you love – one you could wear at weddings, parties, or for a night out or even as daily wear – then put it high on your list. You don’t need to be different at prom, but you do want to be yourself and to look the part. That look is your personal choice.

Be You and Enjoy Your Prom

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We’ll finish by saying that the best way to enjoy your prom is to be you. Approach it as another party, wear a dress that you love and that catches your eye, and one that will get you the attention you want yet no more. Wear a dress that is you, one that you would also wear elsewhere. Enjoy searching for the prom dress and have fun.

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