Style Guide: Finding Your Dream Prom Dress

When it comes to finding their dream prom dress, many individuals feel overwhelmed at the idea of searching through racks of dresses and online pages of prom dress options. This is understandable – there are a lot of prom dress choices out there.

Instead of heading straight out to the mall or browsing online stores for hours, you should first review our style guide. We’ll help you understand what you’re looking for in a prom dress so you can more easily find that dream gown.

Figuring Out the Prom Style You Want

Sherri Hill Dream Prom Outfit
Style 54454 in bright fuchsia

Figuring out the exact prom style you want can be difficult, especially if you’ve never purchased a formal gown before. Below, we help you identify the types of styles that you might be interested in wearing and give you an idea of what questions to ask yourself as you shop for your dream prom dress.

Things to Consider About Your Prom Style

Sherri Hill Dream Prom Outfit
Style 54924 in light orange

There are many different prom style items that you might want to consider as you start looking for your dream prom dress. When considering prom dresses, make sure to ask yourself questions about dress silhouettes.

For example:

  • Are you looking for a long or short dress?
  • Do you want an off-the-shoulder design?
  • Do you want a specific neckline design?
  • Are you interested in a ball gown or an A-line style dress?
  • Do you want your dress to be revealing?
  • Do you want a solid color or a pattern?

Asking these questions about what you want in a prom dress will help narrow down the many options out there and give you a good idea of the types of dresses you should be looking at.

What Do You Like Wearing?

Sherri Hill Dream Prom Outfit
Style 54907 in red

Another important thing to think about when it comes to prom dress shopping is which styles you like to wear the most. If you are in love with full skirts, a ball gown might be the dress for you. If you love a more simple and slim design, maybe opt for a body-hugging mermaid dress or a flowing A-line slip dress.

You may also want to consider your figure and which styles or prom dress embellishments will best enhance your natural features and help you feel your most confident.

Where Do You Want to Shop for Prom Dresses?

Style 55070 in ivory/blue

If you know that you want a favorite designer for your prom dress or you love a specific store, you’ll want to browse those options when you start your dress search.

You may also want to search for dresses that are similar to a specific designer’s style to help increase your options. You never know where your dream prom dress will come from!

Do You Want to Wear Your Dress Again?

Sherri Hill Dream Prom Outfit
Style 54893 in peacock

When choosing a prom dress, many individuals want to make sure that they select an outfit that can be worn multiple times. After all, a prom dress is an investment, and getting multiple wears out of this dress at different events helps make this gown a valuable piece of your wardrobe.

If you do want to wear your dress again, keep this in mind and consider choosing a more versatile, simple style that can be worn on many different occasions.

Embrace Your Style and Enjoy Prom

Style 55059 in light aqua

No matter which style of prom dress you choose, if you are in love with the way the dress looks on you and feel confident in the gown, it’s the perfect choice for you.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed looking for your dream prom dress. – simply sit down and think about which styles you prefer and which highlight your natural features. Then, you will easily narrow down your prom dress options to find the one dress that makes you shine.

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