Fashion Trends: A Look into What’s Trending this Season

It’s hard to keep up with the current fashion trends such is the pace of the industry. While one style may be hot in summer, it’s suddenly not in fall! What drives these trends? Put simply – you do, the consumer. Fashion houses listen to what you want and designers act on demand. What’s in for fall, 2021? Here’s what our research tells us.

Belts Are In

Style 54942 in Ivory.

Among the most popular accessories of the moment is the humble belt. But not just any belt: a large wide and visible belt that brings in the waist and exaggerates both above and below. It’s a great look with a maxi dress and also as an additional accessory to a trouser suit. Some looks have it in a different color to the rest of the outfit, others matching, but the belt is in this season so get searching now.

Monochrome is the Way to Go

Fashion Trends Sherri Hill

It’s always in the later part of the year that black and white become the shades of choice. Whether you pair a black miniskirt with a white top, go for the checkerboard look, or head down the stripes route there’s a lot of classy looks and styles in the monochrome world. This is simple yet elegant fashion for all occasions.

Bright and Breezy for Occasions

Fashion Trends Sherri Hill

For special occasions – weddings, parties, anything – you should look at deliberately bright and colorful garments that stand out and make a statement. Even the once-forbidden combination of red and green has its fans this fall, as the boundaries of what is fashionable are tested. Don’t be afraid to go big and brash for that upcoming party, and push the boat out with an original, unique and unexpected style that will wow onlookers.

Shoulders Have their Day

Fashion Trends Sherri Hill

Remember the 80’s when big shoulders were all the rage? Well, this isn’t quite that, but there’s a certain way shoulders are being fluffed up and exaggerated on showy dresses. The idea is to accentuate the use of materials to give the shoulder more impact, to bring it right to the front of the design and make it a feature. Is it for you? It’s not for everyone but at the right event it will make the impact required of such a design.

Chunky Flat Shoes

Fashion Trends Sherri Hill

You thought boots were the footwear of choice? You’ve got it wrong! The fall fashion style for the feet is firmly in big, chunky flat shoes, shoes that stand out and look great. That they’re also comfortable is a bonus. This is a style that we like because the cold weather begs for sturdy footwear and while boots can be a burden to wear, these in vogue shoes are not. Check the latest fashion blogs for ideas and here’s a hint – black is the way to go, shiny, spectacular black.

Behold the Maxi Dress!

Fashion Trends Sherri Hill

This is the season you’ve been waiting for if the Maxi dress is your chosen look. These easy to wear, simple and yet timelessly elegant dresses are finally getting the recognition they deserve as a frontline fashion choice. Go full color – bright a strong – or pastel shades for that fall look or take your inspiration from the classic ‘girl next door’ look that ticks all the boxes. This is fashion for all, and a great choice paired with those chunky shoes we mentioned above – it really doesn’t get much better than this!

Crop Tops for Chic Style

Fashion Trends Sherri Hill

Crop tops in fall? That’s the way it’s going, and it’s another look that is simply superb in any setting – if, that is, you can carry it off. Paired with a neat pair of trousers – or go super-casual with jeans – the crop top is a look to wear with pride, and you can find many different takes on this design classic. We say go with muted autumn colors and put your favorite coat over the top for the ultimate in soon to be winter style, and you’ll make all the right moves if you follow the trend.

That’s what’s hot in fashion for fall and winter 2021, but is there something there for you? You might have your own ideas as to what you want to wear during the season and that takes us back to the beginning – fashion trends are driven by you, the consumer, so make your own choice and you may find you’re leading the way for the seasons to come. Enjoy fashion and try some of the above looks in your own individual way.

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