Event Advice: How to Dress for Homecoming 

Homecoming dances happen in the fall, and they’re usually the first event of the school year where you’re able to make a glamorous entrance.

Whether this is your first homecoming, or you’re a pro gearing up for your dress search, our tips will help you find your perfect homecoming dress. Let’s get started!

Buy What You Like for Homecoming


When it comes to how to dress for homecoming, the most important opinion is yours. Look for a dress you like that reflects your taste and personality. If vintage styles make you feel most like yourself, or you favor a chic jumpsuit over a traditional dress, go for it!

Don’t feel pressured into dressing like everybody else, or like you see in movies. It’s not about everyone else; it’s about you!

Set a Budget for Your Full Look


You don’t need to spend a fortune to look a million dollars. There are so many beautiful, stylish, and chic dresses out there at every price point, so set yourself a budget and stick to it. Knowing what your budget looks like means you can automatically filter anything that’s out of your price range, making it easier to narrow down your search.

When you’re budgeting, make sure you account for shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup (especially if you’re getting a professional glam squad.)

Don’t Forget Comfort


It’s easy to get carried away with the silhouette of a beautiful dress, but you need to consider comfort. If you plan on dancing at homecoming, consider how easily you’ll be able to move in your outfit. Watch the length of your dress if you’re going with a shorter cocktail style, as this can make dancing tricky.

A dress should be easy to wear, look good, and feel good, especially at an event like homecoming. Make sure you’re truly happy with the way your outfit feels before you stick with it.

Be Daring if You Want


Do you want to be daring and wear a low-cut dress, or one that is short and brash? Do it! This is your occasion, and you can look how you want, as long as it doesn’t go against your school’s dress code.

Be aware, if you do go for the attention-grabbing approach, you are going to get some looks. If that’s not what you want, then showing more skin might not be for you, and that’s okay! If you do dream of being daring, go for it, and be the sexy, sassy girl that gets all the admiring glances!

Accentuate Your Natural Features


When you’re considering different silhouettes, think about features that you like to accentuate and choose a dress that suits your body type. This goes hand in hand with staying true to your personal style and wearing what feels comfortable. For instance, if you love showing off your shoulders, why not frame them with a glamourous halter dress?

If you know that there are silhouettes that always make you feel confident, they may be a good starting place. On the flipside, if certain cuts, sleeves, or other styles never seem to hang right on you, you can filter them from your search entirely.

Keep It Simple


When you’re comparing potential homecoming looks, don’t worry about adding a pile of accessories. In fact, keeping jewelry simple and yet stylish is the best way forward. This way you don’t draw attention away from the beautiful dress, and will still look stunning.

If you have a bold color dress, simple shoes in neutral tones like black or nude will complete your look. If your dress has an asymmetrical neckline, like a one-shoulder dress, keep any necklaces short and delicate to avoid clashing.

Shop Around

Once you have a good idea of how you’re going to dress for homecoming, you should spend some time shopping around for the right deal. Along with your homecoming outfit options, you can also look online for complementary shoes and other accessories.

Most online stores offer a sensible return policy so you can buy, try, and return if it’s not what you want. It may also be helpful to check out in-person options, especially after perusing the deals online.

You Can Change Your Mind


Remember this: you can always change your mind. If you’re set on a dress and then decide it’s not for you, send it back and start all over again.

Your Perfect Homecoming Outfit


When you’re thinking about how to dress for homecoming, the most important thing to keep in mind is what look makes you feel the most happy and confident.

There are no rules here. Just be you, dress how you like, find something that makes you feel confident in your body, and make sure you enjoy your homecoming to the fullest.