How to Find and Buy the Perfect Homecoming Dress

Homecoming is an exciting occasion, one that represents a big step in your life. It’s also one occasion where you want to look your best, and that’s when the problems start! It’s easy for the guys who just go the down suit or tux look, but where and how do you find the perfect homecoming dress? Fortunately for you, we are here to help with some top tips on just this subject, so we’ll start by looking at the two alternative shopping methods: the high street or the online retailers.

Online vs. The High Street

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress

Both of these methods have advantages and drawbacks. When you go shopping on the high street or at the mall you can try clothes on right there. That’s a bonus. The downside is that you have to walk a long way and visit plenty of shops, and that takes time and energy. With the Internet, you have a world of retail at your fingertips and can browse literally thousands of items and retailers without leaving your home. You may also find they are less expensive, but you have to buy them before you can try them on.

Unless you find a retailer that offers both options when you can make a shortlist by browsing online and then visit the store to try it on. We suggest this method as the best one, with the next best being to find a retailer online with a free no-obligation full money back returns policy, and there are plenty about.

Determine Your Body Type

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress

What body type do you have? We’re all different shapes and sizes, but many of us do conform to certain body types that designers like to work towards. The main types are:

Hourglass – the woman who has equally proportioned bust and hips, and a slimmer waist.

Pear – this is the girl who has a wider hip than bust area.

Apple – the lady with the more rounded body.

Athletic – slim but with broad shoulders and often a larger bust.

Petite – anyone smaller than 5’ 3” is considered petite.

Why do these classifications matter? Put simply, there are certain types of dress that should be working with each body type, and those that should not! For example, Apple should steer away from short hemlines and wear dresses that put the emphasis on the waist with A-line dresses or those with belts. The Hourglass lady will look best in V-neck and open-neck dresses, and not in a baby-doll. The Athletic woman needs to add to the shape with a wide, flowing skirt, and so on. Look up your body type and see what advice there is as this could make your search a lot easier.

Color or Pattern?

Style 54406 in Neon Orange & Neon Pink.

One piece of advice we always give is that you should wear what you like. Never be swayed to follow the crowd or dress as others expect you to, and don’t be afraid to display a bit of individual choice in your colors. Patterns are great on some dresses, for example, while others benefit from plain yet often bright colors. You’ll get an idea of which styles suit these options by browsing through collections online.

If you have a color that is your particular favorite and you want to wear that, our advice is to go for it. Look for dresses in styles you like that are suitable for your body type in shades of your favorite color and limit your search to those. If you want a pattern – or perhaps a floral or other print dress – you, do it, as it’s your choice.

Homecoming is about being you and expressing what you have become, so don’t feel the need to conform and feel free to push the boat out.

Be Comfortable

54427 in Red.

Our final piece of advice when searching for the perfect homecoming dress is to make sure you are comfortable wearing it. We don’t just mean in the way it fits, but also in the way it makes you feel. You need to choose a dress that you can have properly fitted as the last thing you want to be doing at homecoming is adjusting it all the time. But you also need to wear a dress that is in your personal comfort zone. If you don’t want people staring, you should not go down the more daring and revealing routes but choose something more understated and yet also chic.

Enjoy your search, and we hope that the advice here has helped you get started and that you find that perfect dress.