Homecoming Dress Ideas

Homecoming is an exciting occasion, one that represents a big step in your life. It’s also one occasion when you want to look your best, which can be intimidating to shop for.

You may be thinking about your event wondering how to find the perfect homecoming outfit. Fortunately, we are here to help with some hoco dress ideas to help you get started!

Bring the Drama in White

There are few occasions in which you’re permitted to wear a dazzling white dress, so why not go for it at homecoming?

White and its similar hues like ivory and cream are stunning in evening gowns like the above, but you can also make an entrance in a white jumpsuit or a shorter white dress.

As a homecoming tip for guys (or anyone else wearing a suit) if your date plans on going all-white, you can do the same with your suit and all eyes will be on you. You can even pick a coordinating pop of color like blue or green to elevate your look.

Try a Print

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dress

Prints can bring a bit of playfulness to a formal gown, which the event of homecoming embodies. There are as many ways to do prints as there are printed dresses, and you can let your personality be your guide.

If you want a more subtle print, look for a pattern that’s similar in color to the background, like the example above, or smaller in size. If you want a bold statement print, look for a higher color contrast or bigger shapes (just make sure the print isn’t overwhelming your body when you try it on!)

Make a Splash in Bold Colors

Many people veer toward dark neutrals like black for formal events, but you should never be swayed to follow the crowd or dress as others expect you to if you don’t want to. Our next homecoming dress idea is that if you have a favorite bold color and you want to wear that, go for it!

Bold colors like vibrant pink and orange are all over runways and the red carpet. Homecoming is your night to shine, so why not show off in your favorite color?

Now, if you’re looking at your homecoming dress idea selection and you can’t nail down a color, think about the event itself. Is there a theme, and if so, do you want to follow it? If you’re bringing a date (or going with friends), do you want to coordinate your color or pattern with them?

Keep It Short and Sweet

54427 in Red.

Homecoming is a dance that’s usually a bit less formal than prom, so you have the freedom to go with a playful cocktail dress and still be event-appropriate. For an eye-catching look, go with a bold color like the red seen above and prepare for all eyes to be on you!

When you’re shopping for a shorter dress, keep in mind whether or not you’re going to be dancing. If you know that you’re going to find your place on the floor, make sure that your dress is comfortable to move in and you won’t be worried about wardrobe malfunctions.

Get Inspired by Our Homecoming Dress Ideas

Homecoming is a special occasion, and while shopping for it can feel overwhelming, it can also be an experience that’s almost as fun as the event itself! Enjoy your search, be you, and remember to have fun!