Our TOP 5 Prom Dresses Trends in 2021*

Hey Sherri Babe, Are you thinking about your prom dress? I bet you are! It’s a girl’s most important decision! There’s a lot to think about including where to buy prom dresses? There are many places you can buy, we have a lot of authorized retailers all over the world and I’m sure you can find your dream dress. Visit our Find A Store located on our website and search by city, zip code or country. You’ve plenty of options with a great selection to choose from. The real question here is… What are the trends for 2021?

Of course, you’ll choose your prom dress according to your taste, but there are so many fantastic styles that are trending this year. After all, following the year we’ve just had your prom may be the occasion to mark a rebirth of sorts, so you want to go in style and ready to slay. So, trends are forming in the fashion world as we strive to emerge from the gloom of the past few months and get out and show everyone we’re back and ready to roll. #SherriGirls are ready to take over the world!

Now let’s get to work. Here are the top 5 trends for prom this year.

Iridescent Dresses*

Ok hear us out… How would you like to swan into your prom wearing a dress that features iridescent detailing? You’d be glowing like a gloriously shiny butterfly, resplendent in the most outstanding outfit in the room, and the centre of attention. Lights will reflect of the shimmering, sparkly dress and give you an aura that nobody else can match. After a year of being restricted to sweat pants and a t-shirt, now is your time to shine and really push the boat out and give it some serious style.

Style 54331 brings it’s own galaxy. Ladies, this is a perfect prom dress if you want some sparkle.

Corset Style Gown*

Sexy, sassy and eminently stylish, the corset gown takes some wearing but that look is very much in Vogue this year. With daring lace and muted colors, the long and flowing gown with its minimalist lace top is something that will attract admirers, and it’s a look that takes some doing so you may be the one to steal the show that night! That’s no bad thing, though, as you want to get noticed – and nothing gets you noticed more than a dress that’s as daring as this style. This is an original and yet timeless style of dress that looks great on the body, so check this out right now and see what we mean.

Style 54305 has the best corset bodice you need to be best dressed at prom!

The Mini Dress*

You want to make an impact? Or perhaps buck the trend for ball gown type dresses for your prom? Why not try a modern mini dress, perhaps with sparkles for the most impact! The trend for wearing short dresses to proms is in right now as people want to be different and express themselves – something we have hardly had a chance to do lately – so go for it if you have the shape, style and legs! Be aware, the mini dress will certainly attract attention, so you need to be ready for admiration!

Style 53931 is the perfect mini dress for any kind event! Especially for prom.

Neon Color Dress*

Yes, neon is back and on high demand! Sherri babe, you definitely need a neon dress for this year! Designed to get the best of both worlds, this style is one that combines edgy and glamour. You want to standout at your prom, then what more could you do than wear a bold neon #SherriHill gown for prom. This is a look that will have jaws dropping, so choose your neon color carefully and wear it with pride.

Style 54330 has been on top of our list this season! Most wanted dress. Fits like a dream.

Traditional Ball Gown*

For our final choice we stay traditional. The good old ball gown is never out of style and given the desire and need to get out and party, it’s more popular than ever this year. There’s something special about putting on the full glamour, taking things to the extreme for your special occasion, and little does that as neatly as a classic, stylish and very beautiful ball gown. We say go Ivory, Black or a bright and breezy color, the choice is yours. But whatever you do, you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Style 54277 is elegant, fun and ready for you to look amazing in it!

So there you have it babe, our list of the five major trends in prom dresses for 2021, so which will you choose? We’re sure there’ll be something on that list to suit your taste and personality, but we remind you: each of the above styles will definitely get you noticed, so you need to want to be seen to enjoy them!

Start searching now and make your choice, you’ll find many variations on each of the above themes. Make this prom your occasion as, like everyone around you, you deserve to have the time of your life.