Prom Date: Everything You Need to Know

Taking a date to prom is a fun opportunity to bond with someone you’ve been interested in for a while, or to spend the evening with a longer-term partner. And, no matter whether prom is your first date or your hundredth date with your partner, you’re sure to be nervous about everything that surrounds this memorable occasion.

Our guide helps you prepare for your prom night by telling you everything you need to know about bringing a date to prom.

Do I Need a Prom Date?

While many individuals anticipate having a prom date, it’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily need a date to attend prom. If you are much happier attending alone with friends, or you don’t want to stress yourself out by trying to find a date in the days leading up to prom, that is perfectly okay.

Prom night is about enjoying your last days of high school and celebrating your transition to new things – don’t stress yourself out about finding a date to the point where you can’t enjoy the night you’ve spent months preparing for.

Essential Things to Know When Bringing a Date to Prom

If you are bringing a date to prom, there are some essential things to keep in mind. Reviewing all of these tips will help you make sure that your prom date feels special and that the two of you enjoy your prom night to the max.

Plan a Promposal

Promposals are very popular, creative ways to ask someone to prom. Anyone can plan a promposal for their potential prom date, and promposals are often a fun way to involve your friends and your creativity in the prom process.

You should aim to ask a potential date to prom a few months ahead of time, as this gives you enough time to figure out your prom plans, decide if you want to coordinate outfits and get ready for the big day.

If you are more nervous about asking your potential date to prom, you don’t have to go all out with a big promposal. Simply ask them when you feel the time is right and avoid grand public gestures unless you are positive your potential date will respond favorably – this will save you a lot of stress if the unexpected should occur.

Secure a Corsage or Boutonniere

Giving a corsage or boutonniere to your prom date is more traditional, and exchanging these items before prom is a great way to show that you’re a couple and to score some amazing pictures.

Order your date’s corsage or boutonniere well ahead of time to ensure it arrives ahead of prom night and looks how you expect it to.

Match Outfits With Your Date

After securing your prom date, you will likely want to talk with them about potentially matching outfits. Many individuals love their dates to have complementary colors, and it could be something as simple as a bowtie matching a dress or more eye-catching, like suits and dresses in matching colors.

Whatever you and your partner decide on, make sure that you have your outfit ideas selected and purchased a month or so ahead of prom so that there are no last-minute surprises while you get ready for prom. This also leaves you plenty of time for alterations and to select accessories.

Decide on Pre or Post-Prom Activities

Both pre and post-prom activities are staples of the prom night event – you may want to have a nice dinner with your date before prom or stop by a movie theatre or bowling alley after prom to keep the fun going.

Whatever you and your date decide on, make sure that you secure reservations when necessary ahead of time and that you both agree on fun before and after prom plans.

Take Lots of Pictures

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of many people’s lives, and it’s important to take lots of pictures to remember it.

And while we encourage having mini photoshoots with your date and friends, we recommend not spending all night posting the pictures you take on social media – go through the pictures after prom to choose the best ones so that you don’t accidentally miss a moment of your prom night while you’re snapping and editing pictures on your phone.

Meet Up With Friends

Attending prom with your date is a fun activity, and you can make it even more fun by going with a group of both of your friends or partnering up with another couple to enjoy the night.

Include your friends in your photoshoots, pre or post-prom plans, and dance the night away with your group, but make sure to save a slow dance or two reserved for your date.

Don’t Forget to Dance

Dancing is one of the best things to do at prom, and most individuals love spending their night on the dance floor. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced before or if you’re used to hitting the dance floor; prom night is a great place to show off your moves and jam out to your favorite songs with your date.

And when the slow dances come on, find your date and spend a song or two simply enjoying each other’s company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a lingering question about prom? Of course, you do! It’s a big night, so obviously, there’s still some situations you may be unsure about. Read on for answers to your prom questions.

Can I Go to Prom Without a Date?

Even though many individuals might think that you absolutely must have a date before you go to prom, the truth is that you don’t necessarily need a date to attend this event. While many people enjoy spending the evening with a date, others love to attend alone or with a group of friends.

The key to enjoying prom and making the most out of your night is simply doing what you feel most comfortable with and not letting others’ expectations hold you back from enjoying yourself.

Do I Need to Plan a Promposal?

Promposals are a fun way to ask your potential date to prom, but you don’t need to plan one of these showy events if neither you nor your date is enthused about it.

You can ask your date to attend prom with you in any fashion that makes the both of you comfortable, as long as you make sure to respect their answer, even if it isn’t what you might want to hear at that moment.

How Can I Make My Prom Date Feel Special?

If you want to make sure your prom date feels special throughout prom, take time to discuss pre and post-prom activities with them. Engage with them about their expectations for prom ahead of time, and organize events or special touches, such as a bouquet of flowers, that you know your date will enjoy in order to add some magic to your prom night.

As with most things, great communication is key, and speaking with your prom date about your prom plans often will help the night go as smoothly as possible.

Enjoying Prom Night With Your Date

Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights of high school, and many individuals choose to bring dates to this event. Review our guide for the best advice on what to consider when asking your potential date to prom and planning a whole evening’s worth of fun prom events for you and your date to enjoy.

And remember, once you get to prom, relax and enjoy the evening with your date – all of your planning led up to this night, so make sure you make the most of it.