Prom Dress Trends Worth Trying

Choosing a prom dress is not something you do in a moment! There is a lot to be said for using online resources to search for inspiration and there’s always the opportunity to take a day out with your friends and enjoy some window shopping. You might have an idea of the sort or style of dress you want to wear to your prom, or you may be looking for ideas. This brief article covers prom dress trends that are in this year, so let’s have a look at what we have found.

The Girl Next Door

Sherri Hill Prom Dress Trends

There is a revolution underway that says the ‘girl next door’ look is in this season. Think simple, demure, and pretty, rather than over the top and in your face. Being that little bit reserved can have a great effect at an event such as a prom as it gets noticed. But that’s noticed in a good way, not in an overt and obvious manner. Have a look through your closet now and you may find there’s an ideal dress in there, one that is very you, and that’s the one you want to try.

Full-on Ballgown

Sherri Hill Prom Dress Trends

This is a traditional take but let’s face it, if you’re the sort of girl who can carry it off why not go the whole hog and try the ballgown look? It’s big, loud, and beautiful, and it works like no other if you want to be the one everyone notices. If you are going down this path, think about the colour to the fore. You need to make a choice whether to keep to the standard pale, pastel colours or to push the boat out and go bright red or shocking blue – the effect of the latter two will be instant and constant attention!

Sleek and Slender

Sherri Hill Prom Dress Trends

Different styles of dresses suit certain body styles better than others. If you have a slim frame, long legs, and the daring to go with it why not take a chance on the sleek and slender look? Think an evening gown, off the shoulder or with minimal straps, full length, and figure hugging – just right so that it looks glorious without giving too much away. It’s a style you can wear whether you want to stand out or you want to blend in, as you won’t be the only girl to go down this route.

Little Black Number

Sherri Hill Prom Dress Trends

We couldn’t create this list without the perennial favourite! Why not keep it simple and stick with your little black dress? Or use this opportunity to buy a new one! There are so many beautiful dresses that fit the bill and they don’t need to be expensive. Furthermore, this is a dress you can wear to any occasion so you’re not splashing out on a one-off purchase. We reckon that for prom, this could be the ideal choice for the girl who is looking to save money and not make a fuss!

Your Prom Dress

Sherri Hill Prom Dress Trends

We hope that we have helped you get an idea of the style and type of dress that you want to wear for your prom, so take our tips as inspiration and enjoy searching for the perfect prom dress which will make you look a million dollars.

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