Prom Dresses: The Best Dresses for Prom 2022

Are you having trouble deciding on your prom dress for 2022? We’re here to help! We’ve done some researching for you and uncovered the styles that are in for the next prom season, and we think there is something for everyone among the following options. So, let’s not waste any more time, here are the in-styles for prom dresses for 2022.

Classical Prom Dresses

Style 54787 in Aqua.

Costume dramas are popular on TV right now and that’s why the classical ballgown is very much in vogue. Think floor length, delicate chiffon and fluffy shoulders, a classical look that harks back to the 19th century yet with a modern touch. Pale and muted pastel colors are the way to go, with stylish adornments and your hair piled high if possible, as this is going to be a popular choice with girls at proms in the coming year. If the old-fashioned look isn’t for you, the next one is very much up to date!

Daring High Slit Prom Dresses

Style 54798 in Red with high slit and a lace up back.

A slim fitting dress with a long skirt and a slit right the way up may not be to everyone’s taste, but for the daring girl who is the right shape this is one of the best and most sensational looks for prom 2022. Think bright and bold colors – red will be the choice for many so you may want to choose a different color – and think simple adornments so the skirt gets all the attention. You need to be daring to go for this option and it will look best on girls with long legs, but if you do it, go for it!

Off the Shoulder Prom Dresses

Style 54807 in Fuchsia.

The revival in off the shoulder dresses continues with many opting for a ballgown style that sits with the shoulders bare. It’s a sensuous and glamorous look and one that draws attention upwards, so is great for girls with wider hips. This is a classic look in every way and for this sort of occasion remains utterly timeless. We recommend checking out satin for dresses of this sort as it looks the part and also feels good, but there are many other materials and also non-ballgown styles that lend themselves to the off the shoulder look.

Ruffles and Frills

Do you want to wear something that will get you noticed for being outlandish and yet stylish? If you dare, why not go for the type of dress that has a full body up top, but a skirt cut away and adorned with ruffles and frills? This is a very ‘girly’ look and one that is both amusing and glamorous, but it needs to be planned carefully as it’s easy to show a bit too much! Check fashion blogs for inspiration on this type of dress, especially those from France where it is a perennially fashionable look for occasions but be careful to try it first as there’s a fine line between looking great and ridiculous!

Neon is In

Style 54237 in Neon Green with nude.

Stuck for a color choice? Go neon! Bright, brash and bold neon colors and finishes are the talk of the town in fashion circles right now, with neon reds and oranges, blues and greens, and sparkly takes on other shades applied to a wide variety of prom dress designs are proving surprisingly popular. We say surprisingly as this is a look that until recently was considered tacky and cheap, but one that when done well really hits the spot. Only choose the neon route if you really want to get noticed, and for girls that wish to enjoy from the background, our final suggestion is the one for you.

Keep it Simple

Sherri Hill Prom 2022

There is no reason why your prom dress cannot be simple. Perhaps your little black number, or maybe a girl-next-door type of garment. Or a neat little A-line dress that you enjoy wearing – any dress, in fact, that is simple to accessorize, that you will look good in but that will not bring you the unwanted attention of the more glamorous and over the top styles. We like to think of this type of dress as chic, and chic is always in fashion.

That’s our suggestions for you and we hope we’ve helped you arrive at the right choice of dress for your prom. Start searching on those fashion blogs and check out fashion influencers for inspiration and get hold of a few of the top fashion magazines. Start looking for ideas, and you’ll soon see a dress that shouts ‘I’m the one for you’!