What to Wear to a Party: The 8 Best Party Dresses for Every Body Type

Party season is upon us, so what does a girl choose to wear to such an occasion? Fashion is a personal choice, of course, so we’ve put together a selection of types of dress that would look good for any occasion, and that should cater for every body type, so let’s start with a timeless classic.

Little Black Dress

Style 54827 black is the perfect LBD adding some sparkles!

The Little Black Dress: there’s surely one in every wardrobe, right? If you don’t already own one, it’s a must for occasions! Nothing doesn’t pair with a simple, stylish, and cute black number. It’s the go-to choice for when you really can’t make your mind up. The black dress, some strappy shoes, accessories for glamour and you’re ready to take on the world. You know it makes sense!

Full Ballgown Glamour

Style 54806 is the modern cinderella ball gown in Periwinkle.

There are some occasions when nothing but a full-on ballgown will do the job! You know the ones: the big parties and charity events that come with a dress code, the social events of the year where you want to get noticed. Bright, beautiful, and full-length, this is the type f dress where you can really show those curves to the full. Whether you go for frills or sleek style the choice is yours, and we recommend browsing online fashion retailers for the latest trends and styles.

Daring Backless Dresses

Style 54798 in Red is the perfect lace up back!

Here’s one for the girl who wants to make an impact: why not wear a sleek, stylish, and slightly daring backless number? It’s not a style that will suit everyone – that’s for you to decide – but the taller woman can really pull this off with some serious style. Choose a bright color, one that stands out, and go for a dress that takes the backline right down to the waist. It’s going to get you plenty of looks, so if you’re a shy type this isn’t for you!

Off the Shoulder Style

Style 54206 is the perfect off the shoulder dress.

If backless is a bit much for you, why not go off-the-shoulder? Dresses of this type can be extremely sexy and sultry, as well as having an impact that says a lot about the wearer. The off the shoulder style suits the woman who has curves in the hips and the breast area and looks magnificent when paired with a sleek pair of high heels. There’s a lot to be said about heading down this slightly risqué route, but we say go for it!

Floral Print for Fun

Watercolor prints – styles 54270, 54290, 54319.

The summer look is in, so why not go for a floral print dress that simply shouts of fun? The style can vary from a short and simple dress to a long and flowing design, but one thing is for sure, and that’s that floral is always a pretty, demure, and welcome look that will suit any occasion. Formal or casual, there is a floral dress for every body shape and all tastes, and we think this is one of the most attractive ideas on the list.

Short and Sweet

Style 54405 in Candy Pink short, fun and flirty.

Do you have legs that you want to show off? Then the short dress – in whatever style you wish – will be right up your street! Think above the knee and then shorter, and you get the idea. This is another style that’s not for the shrinking violet, but for the woman who wants to look superb and sexy, all at once. This could be your little black number if you like, but we prefer bright colors, think yellow and red for maximum impact.

Figure Hugging Style

Style 54419 in light Blue.

Whether you’re tall and slender or shorter and replete with those wonderful curves, there is a great choice of figure sculpting dresses that may just be the perfect party choice. This is the one for when you are looking for admiring glances and with so many designers offering fantastic interpretations on the theme you are spoilt for choice. Look online for ideas and you might find some fabulous bargains.

The Girl Next Door Look

Sherri Hill Body Type

Who doesn’t look great with the girl next door look? Simple yet stylish, quiet and discreet, if you’re the woman who wants to enjoy the party but doesn’t want to be the center of attention pick a simple and neat summer frock and pair it with your simplest shoes and accessories, and you have a look that works beautifully.

We have given you the inspiration to think about your own choices in the eight suggestions above, and you can even mix and match them to your delight, so enjoy that party to the full!