The Best Dresses for Prom: What to Wear on Your Big Night Out

The Prom is one of those occasions that are very special indeed. This is a one-off occasion for you and your friends to enjoy and also a coming of age celebration. You’re moving on when you pass through your prom, heading to the next stage of your life, so you want it to be a night that you will enjoy and also remember.

The big thing about prom is the dress. For the boys it’s a different matter as they pretty much have a uniform. But for the girls it’s a chance to wear something you love, or something you wouldn’t wear any other time. It’s a chance to express your personality in a dress, and it needs some careful thinking.

Here are some ideas we came up with that should help you fall up on the right prom dress for you, the one that you really want to wear.

What Style of Dress Suits Your Body?

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What style of dress suits your body? We’re all different shapes and have individual tastes. For example, if you have long and slender legs you might want to make them your focal point with a slit-skirt dress or even a short one. If you want to display your cleavage there’s a wealth of cut-front dresses (but keep it decent as this is a formal occasion).

Check online guides as to the shape and style of dress that suits your body style. If you want to draw attention away from the breast area where a dress that covers the upper part completely and highlights the hips. That’s just one example of how to think about a dress that suits your body style.

Why Comfort is Important

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When we talk about comfort in this sense we are not just talking about how the dress feels when worn. We also mean are you comfortable wearing a dress that may perhaps draw a lot of attention? Not all of us are the outgoing types after all, and some want to remain in the background and enjoy a quiet event without being stared at! Choose a dress that will not make you feel insecure and you will enjoy the event even more.

You Don’t Have to Go Overboard

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Further to the above point there is no requirement to go overboard with your prom outfit. There will be girls who decide to give it everything – off the shoulder, short skirts, swooping necklines and revealing material – but you don’t have to be that girl – unless of course it is you! Again, look for a dress that you feel happy wearing, and let someone else be the show-off.

Be You and Not what Others Want You To Be

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You know the sort of person you are, so that’s who you should be on prom night. If that means wearing a simple girl-next-door dress then why not? This isn’t a competition, it’s a party that you want to enjoy. If you want go full-on ballgown then do it! It’s your prom, it’s an occasion for you to remind people who you are, what you like and what you enjoy wearing. Don’t bow to peer pressure and wear what others think you should – that’s not you!

Relax, Enjoy and Create Memories

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Prom night is about having one last party with your classmates, and about celebrating all that has been wonderful about your school days. You have made many friends, enjoyed fantastic and character-building experiences, and some of those friendships will last forever. By choosing the right dress – and remember, it doesn’t have to be a dress unless the theme dictates it – you are making sure that you are presented as you, and not as an alternative version of yourself. You want to be yourself, enjoy the night and make more memories that you can carry with you forevermore.