What to Wear to Prom: Finding the Best Prom Dress for You

Choosing a prom dress can be surprisingly nerve-racking! It’s easy to get stressed looking at endless designs and styles, but you really don’t need to.

Below, we will look at a few ways in which you can make the process far less stressful and more enjoyable.

Choose a Prom Dress in a Style You Like

The dress you wear for your prom should be one that you actually like. It’s not a competition to be the “coolest,” despite what some of the girls may think – it’s a night that you want to remember and enjoy. If you choose a dress simply to impress, you may feel out of place if it’s not one that you like.

Start by checking out some fashion blogs or magazines. See what catches your attention immediately and rule out what does not.

Do you want a dress that highlights your curves, or are you looking for something less showy and more demure? You – and only you – know what you like, so don’t be persuaded by others.

Popular Styles: A Prom Dress Guide

To help make things simpler, we’ve gathered together some of the most loved prom dress styles to help you pick!

Mermaid Dress – A mermaid dress is fitted at the top, then flares out under your knees, giving the impression of a mermaid’s tail. The mermaid look is a classic prom choice, especially when presented in a wonderful pale blue or sea green color with lace detailing. This look goes down well at many an occasion, so you can wear it again.

A-Line Short Scoop Neck We love the short A-line look in a solid color with a scoop neck. It’s simple, chic, and is trending right now. This almost a ‘girl next door’ look but one with a little daring to it.

Full-Length Skirt with a High Slit – If you want the ‘Hollywood’ look, this is it! It features a full-length skirt with a high slit that lets you show off your leg (and helps you dance more freely).

Classic Princess Ball Gown – If you want to embrace all the romance and drama of prom, then a classic princess ball gown is for you! These feature very full, floor-length skirts and fitted tops. This is a style that will let you live out your Disney Princess daydreams!

Timeless Black Dress – If you want a look that’s stylish, trendy, and a true classic, why not go down the Little Black Dress route? We know it’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché that works, especially if you want to portray a sultry, sexy style that’s also elegant.

Pick a Prom Dress for Your Personality

There’s a good chance you will be in one of two camps: you’re either going to the prom with a ‘look at me’ attitude – in which case you’re an extrovert who likes attention – or you may not want to draw excess attention to your outfit.

If you want the attention, then go for it: head-to-toe sequins, loud colors, or even feathers or a long train. However, if you’re looking for a more understated, quiet look, then think about the classics – solid colors, timeless silhouettes, and simple jewelry and accessories.

There’s no wrong answer here; it’s totally up to you and the kind of statement you want to make!

What Style of Prom Dress Suits Your Body?

What style of dress suits your body? We’re all different shapes and have individual tastes.

For example, if you have long and slender legs, you might want to make them your focal point with a slit-skirt dress or even a short one. If you want to show off your shoulders, think about a halter or off-the-shoulder dress.

No matter what, make sure you pick a dress that makes you feel great about yourself, and that fits you comfortably. You can even consider getting a dress tailored to you specifically if you find one you love that doesn’t fit quite right (or that you’d like to be a bit shorter or longer.)

Think About the Neck Line

People look first at your face. Then they’ll look at the dress. That’s a from the top down routine. The first part of the dress they will take notice of is the neckline, so it can determine their overall impression of it.

There are a few things to consider here. Think about how revealing you’re comfortable with it being; in your day-to-day fashion, do you opt for deep v-necks, or do you prefer higher collars? Also think about if you want something embellished or simple, and if you have any necklaces you’re hoping to wear and how it will look with the neckline.

You’ll also want to think about dancing itself. Sometimes, a strapless dress can make it uncomfortable to move around a lot on the dance floor, so keep in mind how much you plan on dancing to faster songs.

Colors and Patterns

Are you into bright colors and striking patterns? If you are, then the prom is a great place to display your love of color in your dress. But if you’re not, then there’s an excellent, simple, and classic route you can take: solid, timeless neutrals.

In many ways a simple and stylish black, white, or champagne dress is both the most demure and sultriest way to go. This is a garment you can wear anywhere you want to, so you won’t be wasting money on a one-off dress.

Also, think about what colors you feel your most confident in. If you tend to steer away from yellows in your daily wardrobe because of your skin tone or hair color, for instance, you’ll likely want to rule it out for your prom dress as well.

Try on Your Prom Dress

Don’t be put off by believing you can’t try the dress on before you decide to keep. The major fashion retailers offer you a free return for money back (usually within a certain number of days, so be sure to check their terms and conditions), so you can take it back if it is not the right size or you decide it’s not for you.

Plus, at many shops, they will be a stylist there who can help you determine if something fits well, and who can help you find something you’ll truly love!

Choose a Prom Dress You Love

For prom, and for fashion in general, the most important advice is to wear what you like and not what others tell you to. Your friend may go all out with a romantic ball gown, but that doesn’t mean you have to as well. Rock whatever feels best for you, no matter what’s trendy or what you may feel pressured to do.

No matter what dress you choose, ensure you try it on to make sure it fits and is comfortable, and also stick to your budget. Enjoy searching, and we hope we’ve helped you find your perfect prom dress!