The Best Prom Dresses for You: What to Wear to Your Prom

Choosing a prom dress can be surprisingly nerve-racking! It’s easy to get stressed looking at endless designs and styles, but you really don’t need to. Below we will look at a few ways in which you can make the process far less stressful and more enjoyable. Of course, you want to look your best in your prom dress, and that means wearing something you are entirely happy with. So, let’s start here: what sort of dress do you like?

What Style Do You Like?

Style 54114 with an overskirt 54811s.

The dress you wear for your prom should be one that you actually like. It’s not a competition, despite what some of the girls may think, it’s a night that you want to remember and enjoy. If you choose a dress simply to impress you may feel out of place as it’s not one that you like.

Start by checking out some fashion blogs or get hold of some of the established print magazines. See what takes your eye immediately and rule out what does not. Do you want a dress that highlights your curves, or are you looking for something less showy and more demure? You – and only you – know what you like, so don’t be persuaded by others. Now let’s consider your personality and how it translates via your dress.

Are You a Show-off or a Quiet Type?

Style 54390 in light blue is a showstopper.

No matter your body shape or physique you will be in one of two camps: you’re either going to the prom with a ‘look at me’ attitude – in which case you’re an extrovert who likes attention – or you want to be seen, but not draw excess attention. The latter applies to most of us who want to look great, but are not keen to flaunt our bodies too outlandishly.

If you want the attention, then go for it: full-on strapless, or as short as can be, it’s up to you, but we do advise taking care not to wear something too revealing. If you are wanting to look amazing but not draw those unwanted stares, stick with what you know and simply be yourself. If there’s one area of the dress design you want to take the most care with, it’s the neck design, and here’s why.

Think About the Neck Line

One shoulder style 54401 in bright pink and royal.

People look first at your face. Then they’ll look at the dress. That’s a from the top down routine. The first part of the dress they will take notice of is the neckline. Now, a plunging neckline is a stunning look on the right girl with the right shaped body and face. But is it the right look for you? Think of it like this: would you usually wear a dress with a deep V-neck, or are you more into those with a higher upper section?

It’s important to consider this as different shaped faces benefit from different neck styles. A more rounded face, just for an example, is best suited to a deeper neck line that draws attention downwards. There is plenty of advice on fashion blogs about choosing the right style of dress, and we have a simple tip: once again, wear what you are familiar with and like, and don’t be pressured to go too far.

Colors and Patterns

Style 54403 in Neon Orange, Neon Pink and Purple.

Are you into bright color and striking patterns? Or are you willing to wear such designs that will grab the attention of onlookers? If you are then the prom is a great place to display your love of color in your dress. But if you’re not, then there’s an excellent, simple and classic route you can take: the Little Black Dress.

In many ways a simple and stylish black dress is both the most demure and sultriest way to go. This is a garment you can wear anywhere you want to, so you won’t be wasting money on a one-off dress. However, color can be muted and less obvious, and we suggest you see what the fashion influencers are saying about this seasons prom dress colors.

Choose What You Love

Style 54420 in Ivory is a dream.

In this article we have kept returning to one piece of advice often: wear what you like, and not what others tell you to. Your friend may go all out with a revealing and outrageous dress, but that’s her and not you! If you want to wear something simple do so, but most of all ensure you try it on, make sure it fits and is comfortable, and that you remain within your budget. Enjoy searching, we hope we’ve helped you find your perfect prom dress.