The Best Prom Dresses: What to Look for in a Prom Dress

Prom season is upon us and after a year and a half of being held back by the pandemic we can be sure this round of proms is going to be the best ever! For the boys it’s a case of donning their best suit or hiring a tuxedo, or if there’s a dress theme, they’ll find a way of getting into the swing of things.

But for the girls it’s a much harder choice to decide what to wear for prom. What type of dress do you choose? What color or pattern? Off the shoulder or not? Short or long? There are so many variations in prom dresses that it might seem impossible to make a choice when you first start looking.

We’ve got a few handy tips for you that should make life easier, so let’s start by talking about what style of dress you should choose.

What Style do You Prefer?

Best Prom Dresses

There are ‘rules’ that dictate the type of dress a girl of a certain shape should wear. We say throw the rulebook away! You know what you look good in, and you know what you like to wear, so start by checking your closet and see what the general theme is.

Do you like a short and sleek black dress? Or perhaps you prefer the A-line? Maybe you want to go full glam with a ballgown, and that’s entirely up to you. If you have found the style of dress that flaunts your body best, then why choose anything other?

One other point we’d like to make: make the choice for you, and not for others. Your girlfriends may all be planning to wear a certain style but if you don’t like it, you don’t have to so don’t bow to the pressure. Now, color or not?

Bright Colour or Monochrome?

Best Prom Dresses

Check any fashion blog or page for the current trends in dresses and fashion and they will tell you that black and white is very much ‘in.’ The monochrome look can come across superbly, but is it what you want to wear? Or do you prefer bright statement colors that shine across the room?

In fact, another of the season’s trends in dresses and outfits is that of contrasting colors. Think reds with blue, even green with red, or a combination you wouldn’t normally consider. Orange is an in color right now too and makes for a very bright and happy look.

If you are into the monochrome look, you’re in luck as there are some superb styles and patterns out there, especially those with a retro 60’s look, so get searching now and you’ll see what we mean. Where to start looking? That’s our next section!

Where to Shop for Your Prom Dress

Best Prom Dresses

Online fashion retailers make it easy to browse hundreds of dresses in a short time and without the need to travel. You’ll find some great stores offering designer dresses.

Don’t be put off by believing you can’t try the dress on before you decide to keep. The major fashion retailers offer you a free return for money back – usually within a certain number of days so be sure to check their terms and conditions – so you can send it back if it is not the right size or you decide it’s not for you. Start looking now and you’ll see just how many retailers there are to look at.

Comfort and Confidence

Best Prom Dresses

You want your graduation to be an occasion you enjoy and remember. This is why it is important that, in terms of what you choose to wear, you remain in your comfort zone. If you pressured to wear a dress that is perhaps more revealing than you would usually wear you will be constantly worrying. So, choose what you are comfortable wearing, and you’ll enjoy the occasion as much as you possibly can.

Final Words

Best Prom Dresses

That’s our brief guide to choosing the right prom dress and with added space we could go into more detail. We hope that you take away some useful information from our guide and that it helps you find the dress that you need for prom night. All that’s left to say is enjoy it, and after the couple of year’s we have you deserve it!

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