How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body Type

Hey Sherri Babe! Choosing the right prom dress is about knowing what looks good on you. That means understanding your body shape, and how best to flatter it. Let’s have a look at the best type of dress for each of the five different body shapes. You’ll know which you fit into as we will give you a basic description.

Prom Dresses for Apple Body Shape

Apple girls have a bust and waist that is wider than the hips. This type of body shape looks best with a dress that’s at least knee-length. In fact, the ideal dress for an apple body shape would be a full-length ballgown, preferably with a V-neck which will highlight the waist. Choose a dress that flows outwards from the waist for the best effect, and keep colors simple. The pattern might detract from the enhanced waistline, so go for pale pink, cream, or white. We reckon you’ll get the best look from a ballgown with a halter neck, an appearance that will make you look simply divine.

prom dress body type
Style 54277 in Ivory is a great choice.

Dresses with shape.

With a wider hip and thigh and a smaller bust and waist, the pear-shaped girl needs a dress that will draw attention to the right areas and away from the hip and thigh. The best dresses for this body shape are those that put the attention on the bust area. You can choose a princess ballgown, one that flows out to highlight the waist, or an A-line knee-length dress if that’s more your style. Strapless and flowing is the style we’d go for, with a plain color and no pattern, for a look that will be quite spectacular.

prom dress body type
Style 54325 in Emerald is as flattering as it looks. You need this babe!

Prom Dresses for the Strawberry Shaped Girl

Also known as an inverted triangle, the strawberry body shape is one where the bust is larger than the waist and hips. In this instance, you want to avoid strapless dresses as that will draw attention to the upper part of the body. We recommend you go for a V-neck dress and a full-length one, but a dress that follows the body line rather than a flowing ball gown. Frills around the waist also enhance this sort of body type, the result being an elegant and classy look that is difficult to match. Avoid over-the-top jewelry which will detract from the overall look, keep it simple and chic, and you will be the one everyone admires.

prom dress body type

What to Wear with an Hourglass Figure?

The hourglass body shape is one in which the bust and hips are similar in size, and the waist smaller. This is a sort of body that will look simply wonderful wearing a mermaid-type dress. By that, we mean dresses that fit tight and follow the contours perfectly. We would also suggest that a strapless dress is best for this style of dress and body shape. For shorter girls, the tight figure-hugging dress also adds height, but avoid baggy and loose dresses with an hourglass figure. Go for bright colors – red will look fabulous for example – and you’ll look stunning.

prom dress body type

The Rectangular Body Type Prom Dress

The girl who has bust, waist, and hips of similar sizes needs a dress that will create an illusion of curves. This isn’t easy to do, but if you choose a dress that has a belt feature on the waist, is off the shoulder or strapless, and has a flowing skirt area, you are on your way to the perfect look. We suggest the ideal colors for this sort of body type are bright and bold – think red, orange, perhaps a sharp blue – and if you’re looking for a pattern go for one with an emphasis on horizontal rather than vertical elements. Carry this look off and you will wow the crowd!

prom dress body type

Some Further Tips on Choosing the Right Prom Dress

The above five body styles should cover just about everyone, but before we go, we want to say this: we’re suggesting a dress type that suits each body type, but you don’t have to keep to our advice if you don’t want to. Yet, these styles are those that will enhance your body type, so treat them as a starting point and go from there.

Your prom is about celebrating, it’s an event that you want to enjoy and appreciate, so first and foremost, choose a dress that you like, that you want to wear, and that you’re happy wearing. We hope this brief guide has helped you, so enjoy the search and have a great prom!