What to Wear to a Winery

Wineries make for romantic date nights, fun weekend trips with friends, or even a pleasurable afternoon spent solo in a vineyard. The majority of wineries offer tasting programs and unique events throughout the week.

It’s important to understand the best way to dress for a winery, regardless of whether you are taking a tour or just stopping at the bar for a few sips. 

Our article gives you the major details you need to know when it comes to dressing for your next visit to a winery.

Basic Winery Style Rules to Know

When it comes to visiting a winery, there are a few important style rules that you should be aware of. These rules will help you choose your outfits accordingly and make sure that you don’t feel out of place during your winery visit.

Avoid Strong Perfumes

Winery tasting involves the senses, including smell and taste. Wearing too strong of a perfume to a winery can impact your experience and make it difficult to gather the full sense of the wine you are tasting. Not to mention, a very strong perfume can have an impact on the experience of others. 

If you want to enjoy yourself and fully taste the wines, plus be considerate of others, make a note to avoid very strong fragrances, lotions, hair products, and deodorants during your winery experience.

Consider Skipping the White Clothes

White outfits can be very trendy, and there is nothing wrong with wearing white to a winery if you are feeling up to it. However, red wine spills on a white outfit can be a nightmare. If you are worried about damaging your clothing or accidentally staining your white outfit early on in your winery trip, you may want to leave your white outfit behind for a different outing. 

Dress Up for the Occasion

Wine tasting is often considered a more luxurious experience, even if your visit to the vineyard is casual or you are simply spending a relaxed afternoon in a winery. It is important to dress up for the occasion and look your best by skipping the lounge clothes and leaving behind the ripped clothing items you wear around the home. 

This doesn’t mean to go all out with formal black-tie wear, but to simply upscale your outfit a little bit. A nice sundress or cute romper will be both comfortable and chic! 

Avoid High Heeled Shoes

High heels can be a disaster when it comes to winery visits, especially if you plan to walk through the vineyard rows or take a tour into any of the wine production or storage areas. These areas can be fraught with mud, uneven ground, steps, and areas of dampness, something that can make walking around in high heels incredibly difficult or even dangerous. 

Skip the high heels for your winery trip and select a pair of flats, sandals, sneakers, or boots instead, depending on the rest of your outfit and the season.

Refrain From Lipstick

Winery trips include lots of wine tasting, and this can easily become a problem when you have lipstick that smudges or needs constant reapplication. 

You can invest in a smudge-free lipstick for your winery trip or simply refrain from lipstick and elect for a Chapstick. Alternatively, you can go with a simple clear lip gloss instead that won’t be so noticeable when it gets messed up from all of the wine sipping you’ll be doing. 

Wear Sunscreen as Needed

If you are visiting a winery in the spring, summer, or even fall, make sure that you wear sunscreen and consider wearing a hat to keep yourself protected from the sun. Long days outside walking around a vineyard combined with lots of wine to sip on can lead to dehydration and sunburn.

Keep your winery trip a good one by taking necessary sun precautions and always having water on hand in between your wine tastings.

Make sure that when applying sunscreen you choose a fragrance-free brand so that you don’t smell like sunscreen all day and impact your winery tasting experience.

Consider Leaving Behind Large Accessories

Walking around a winery, taking tours, and sitting or standing at a bar to taste wine are all things that likely require freedom to move around easily. Bulking yourself down with a huge purse or other accessories can make it more difficult to enjoy your experience, not to mention constantly worrying about your purse or other accessories. 

We suggest leaving behind larger bags and purses and taking only a small clutch or a crossbody bag with you to a winery as needed.

Women’s Winery Styles for Every Season

Picking your perfect winery style means you should be taking into account the season you wish to visit the winery, what you are most comfortable in, and what is practical to wear.


Spring styles for wineries utilize layers to help you be prepared for slightly warmer days and chillier evenings. You can wear longer pants, a flowy dress and jacket, or a sweater and pants to complete your spring winery style.

Bright colors, floral patterns, and even a sun hat can create the perfect outfit to enjoy the weather of spring and comfortably taste wine all day long.


Summer is typically the most popular time of year for a winery, and you will no doubt want to dress accordingly for the warmer weather. Casual cotton shorts and a nice blouse, long maxi dresses, or shorter summer dresses with a light jacket are all great choices for summer winery styles. 

Combine your outfit with a sun hat and sandals to get the ultimate comfortable summer winery outfit.


As the weather changes in fall, warmer layers, sweaters, and pants make their debut. You can wear a nice pair of jeans, leggings, or dressier pants paired with a blouse, and a long-sleeved sweater or shirt to a winery during the fall.

Leather jackets, scarves, and warm boots all make for great outfit-completing items in the fall winery season.


Winter is when things are typically quiet and reserved around wineries, and you will want to make sure that you are warm and cozy for any vineyard tour you book. Pants, sweaters, jackets, scarves, and hats are all great elements in a winter winery outfit, and you should take care to wear layers and warm shoes if you will be spending time outside. 

Make sure that you can shed a layer or two of your outfit when you get inside the winery to taste wines in a more cozy atmosphere.

Men’s Winery Styles for Every Season

Men’s winery styles are slightly less diverse, though there are still several different options for what to wear to a winery depending on personal comfort and the season. We give you basic options for men’s winery styles below.

Spring and Summer

Spring and summer styles for men include a nice, unripped pair of jeans, button-down shirts, or polo shirts and khaki pants. Layers are just as important for men’s outfits, and shorts and a business casual shirt are great options for when the weather is warmer. 

Men can accessorize their spring and summer outfits with a nice pair of shoes that make walking easy, a hat, or sunglasses, as long as these items aren’t too worn or stained.

Fall and Winter

Fall and winter clothing is all about jackets, long-sleeved clothing, and accessories like scarves. Jeans, dress pants, and boots all make fine choices for men visiting a winery, as to long-sleeved polo shirts, button-down shirts, and leather jackets.

Enhance your outfit with a scarf or a beanie if you plan to be outside of the winery often and want to ensure you stay warm.

How Do I Accessorize My Winery Outfit?

As we mentioned above, large accessories and bigger purses are not the best options for complementing your winery outfit. Instead, you can accessorize your winery outfit with your favorite jewelry, hats, or scarves and jackets, depending on the season and how many layers you wish to wear. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear something you don’t want to lose. Walking through vineyards and taking tours of wine storage areas may result in dropped jewelry or stained and damaged fabrics from time to time. 

Accessorize with something casual that complements your outfit, is totally comfortable, and isn’t too expensive, large, or valuable to you.

Styling Your Perfect Winery Look

Visiting a winery is lots of fun, and many individuals love to book winery tours and tasting experiences year-round. When you are thinking about what to wear to a winery, consider the season of your visit and the expected temperature of that day. Also keep in mind the places you may visit in the winery, such as the vineyards, wine cellars, or the bar areas.

Always dress comfortably, wear practical shoes, and take sun precautions when necessary to ensure your winery look is both stylish and perfect for a day’s worth of vineyard visiting.