What Your Homecoming Dress Color Says About You

Hey #SherriBabes let’s talk about your vibe! Choosing a dress for Homecoming is a MAJOR decision! What style do you want to present? Who do you want to impress, and how do you wish to come across? This is an occasion when everyone will take note of what others are wearing, including you! All eyes are on you #SherriBabe! The choice of your Homecoming dress should reflect the real you, the person who has been shaped by the environment that you grew up or were educated in and should be a color you like and enjoy wearing. Are you searching for where to buy prom dresses? Girl, we got ya! Head to our store locator, our authorized retailers have plenty of options for you! When we say plenty we mean every color, every style you can imagine! We all know that the color of your dress is perhaps the most important element of choosing your Homecoming dress. Especially if you want it to say something about you. Colors, after all, have meanings to many people. Let’s have a look at what your chosen color reveals about you.

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Colours and Their Meanings

The color spectrum is vast with many different shades of each of the primary and secondary colors. Colors evoke feeling, which is why we enjoy some and not others. In general, the spectrum is split into three classes of color: Warm, Cool and Neutral. We’re going to have a look at each class and the colors within and explain what each says about the wearer. Ok babe, let’s get started!

WARM COLORS: If you don’t know already, it’s not difficult to guess which colors are warm. They’re the ones that are bright and beautiful, and that make you smile just by seeing them. Red is the primary warm color, with orange and yellow and shades of all in between making up this group. Let’s start with red, a color with a split personality!

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RED – The color of LOVE. That’s a fact that needs no introduction. It’s also the the color of passion yet conversely, represents anger. Wearing a red Homecoming dress marks you out as a passionate soul, somebody with a driven attitude, and somebody not to be messed with! It’s a color that is worn with dedication, and one that will definitely get you noticed.

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ORANGE – A sunny and BRIGHT color, one that when worn says you are outgoing, invigorating, happy and loving. It’s a color full of energy and vitality and tells the onlooker to expect a party like no other when you’re around!

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YELLOW – Hello SUNSHINE! the most summery of the warm colors, yellow can also have double meanings. It’s a color of happiness and worn to make people smile. In other sphere’s it’s a color of deceit and double standards. For a Homecoming dress, however, it’s a powerful statement of a happy person enjoying their life. In other words a very happy #SherriBabe!

Now let’s check out the Cool Colors.

COOL COLORS – The Cool colors are those that are soothing and select. We’re talking Blue as the primary cool color, although some will tell you it’s green. The primary colors are those that can’t be created by mixing two others, and green is a product of blue and yellow. The third cool color is violet or purple.

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BLUE – The calmest color of all, blue is associated with the sea and the romance that goes with it. It’s also a color signifying a sensible person, hence a blue Homecoming dress is a sensible choice! Blue is popular as it is available in a wide range of shades. You can never go wrong with blue!

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GREEN – The color of nature, green is a soothing color and perhaps seems an odd choice for a Homecoming dress. Yet green is also redolent of a fresh start, so wearing green you may be telling others you’ve moved forward in life and are looking to new pastures.

Style 53548 looks so rich in purple.

PURPLE – The color of royalty and riches, of wealth and power. Purple is a statement color that will certainly make you the standout at your homecoming! A great choice if you want to tell people you’re a success in life.

Of course, any color our #SherriBabe wears she will rock it! You will, however, be drawn to the color that represents your personality and place in life.

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The neutral colors – black and white at either end of the spectrum, with grey’s and browns in between – deserve a mention, but we don’t think you’ll choose other than black, white or one of the color or its related shades mentioned above for your Homecoming dress.

Sherri babe, choose a color you like and that looks good on you, and you’ll be creating the best vibe around you! Enjoy your Homecoming to the full.