Hey Sherri babe, will you be my Valentine? Those were the words that we always wanted to hear from our crush back in the day but now growing up as a strong independent women I will say, Valentines Day is still one of our top favorite holidays but we see it way differently. It’s definitely a day of LOVE but a lot of people forget it is also a day of FRIENDSHIP. So let’s celebrate it with some looks we would totally wear on our favorite holiday! Remember- It can be a date with the boyfriend or a night out with the friends!

I mean… HOT! Style 53926 is a must for Valentines day! No matter the reason or place this style is a statement for sure!

Perfect Style to celebrate Love & Friendship! Style 54018 give us an Elle Woods vibe.
For our edgy girl! Style 54050 is a great option!

Ok babe, we really meant it when we asked if you will be our Valentines? We love our #SherriBabes and wouldn’t want to spend it any other way! Really hope these looks helped you out on picking the perfect outfit. TTYL!