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After the trauma of last year, we can guarantee that homecoming later this year will be an event to remember! We’ve all had to put our lives on hold to some extent, and many people have endured terrible times, so it’s not a surprise the desire to let go, dress up and

party up! Homecoming is an occasion that is there to be enjoyed to the full, with people you love. It’s a big event that should not be missed, so what’s the 2021 trend for homecoming dresses? We got ya babe, read on!

What’s On Trend for 2021?

When we tell you what’s on trend in 2021 you might get excited at the prospect of wearing a stunning dress to impress your friends, and that’s great because you should! We all need something to look forward to, so here’s our run down of the five trending dress styles that will feature in the fall.


 Ok, Babe, neon is in and is bigger than ever! We offer a combination of style and chic, and an altogether cute and bold look! Neon lightweight material is great for dancing in, taking amazing homecoming pictures. We also offer neon beaded styles on slinky material! So many options for our #SherriGirls. 


Yup, we like sequin, and we like to sparkle! This  is the style for showing off those curves, and it works for all body types while sparking! For maximum impact – and if you

dare – go for the shorter style of body-hugging dress in a sparkling bright color, and make it a strapless design for the sexiest look. Oh babe, be prepared to be the center of the attention if you choose this option!

- LBD (Little Black Dress)

LBD is always in style and a very classy look. A little black dress is a classy yet different look that will stand out from the usual choice of black dress, and one that will have heads turning straight away. Stylish and sleek, it’s one you can wear whether you want to be the shining star or just looking on. 


Yes you heard it right! We are loving the one shoulder dress trend! If you are that trendy girl always in style, one shoulder is a total must! It’s a stunning look and will get everyone talking how edgy and cool you are. There are so many styles to choose from that you’ll spend hours browsing, we have fitted one shoulder, one shoulder ball gown, one shoulder A-line, babe… We got you covered! 


This is for you babe, the girl who was born to shine! We have the perfect style for you, many to choose from, with a touch of sparkle and of course swarovski beading! We always recommend sparkling stones with sequins as well so you can get the entire sparkle! A tight and very sexy at knee length, and you’ll love it when you try it on!

That’s our choice of the styles for homecoming dresses that are in this year, but it’s by no means a comprehensive list. So, what do you need to think about when choosing a homecoming dress? Let’s have a look at the factors you should consider.

Choosing Your Homecoming Dress

Now that you know the five trending dress styles, how do you settle on the one that’s best for you? First, are you confident and outgoing, or are you the introverted type who likes to party but does it quietly? If you don’t want to be stared at endlessly then you need to choose your dress wisely, and likewise if you do! Whatever type of style you end up choosing, the main thing is to be proud of what you picked, and show it off! 

Remember that a sparkling or bright colored dress will have all eyes on you from the first second you hit the venue, so think about the message you want to get across. Your choice of dress says a lot about your attitude, personality and who you have become, and that’s what homecoming is all about – being you, and showing the world the real and genuine you. So, don’t be shy when picking that homecoming dress. Pick a style you really love, that flatters your shape. Pick a color and style you enjoy wearing, and that you would want to wear again. Pick a dress that will make you feel good as well as looking good, and you’ll be making the perfect choice.