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Graduation Dresses
Graduation is an important and exciting occasion in a young woman’s life. It signifies the step from education into the big wide world, and it’s the beginning of a new adventure in life. That’s why choosing a special dress for your graduation needs a lot of thought. What styles are in right now, and what choice do you have? In fact, there’s more choice in graduation dresses than you might think, so let’s talk about some of the fashion trends right now.

Monochrome Graduation Dresses

The first thing you will notice when you start looking at fashion blogs, pages and magazines is that there is a prevalence towards black and white. The monochrome minidress, for example, is a great look on a girl who can carry it off, and black and white dresses of all types and styles have made a notable comeback. If it’s for you, it’s worth looking at this retro trend and considering how you could wear it.

Go Big with a Ballgown

This is a once in a lifetime occasion so why not go the whole nine yards and push the boat out? After all, how many occasions are you going to get to wear a full-on ballgown? There’s a great choice of styles, colors and configurations in this category and while the ballgown look is not for everyone, if you are a girl who likes to be seen, then it’s going to make an impact like nothing else!

Floral Print Dresses

Floral is a great look for a semi-formal occasion and brings the girl-next-door look to high fashion. We’re seeing a trend towards pretty floral print dresses with clinched waists and wide skirts that look superb when on the move, and it’s a great party dress for later occasions too. Look especially for below the knee designs and off the shoulder upper design for the best look, and you’ll look quite stunning if you choose this route.

Short and Simple is In

You don’t have to go big and brash to make an impact at your graduation. Short, simple, and elegant is a style that never goes out of fashion. Choose the classic little black dress or go hotter with bright red. Whatever color you want to wear there’s something in the current fashion trends that will suit, so make sure you look closely at the brilliant choices.

Bright Contrasting Colors

Here’s an idea: if you want to really make an impact, why not wear a skirt and top in completely contrasting colors? It’s a look that has made a comeback this year and it’s a standout style that will make you the talking point of the occasion. We’re even seeing red paired with green and, you know what, it looks great! Throw those fashion conventions out of the window and give this daring look a go, and you’ll find a combination that makes you smile.

Why the A-Line is a Good Choice

A-Line dresses suit many body shapes and are always flattering. This traditionally ‘girly’ style is never out of fashion and is certainly back with a bang right now. Check out the many different color combinations and patterns that you can choose from in this classic and timeless style, and there are different configurations at the top with shoestring straps, V-necks and off the shoulder designs all looking the part. This is a dress you can wear anywhere so it’s money well spent.

Off the Shoulder Glam

Off the shoulder is in whether you are talking ballgowns, short dresses, or any type of dress in a wide variety of styles. It’s a glamorous and elegant look, one that is equally retro and modern, and gives away just that much to make it a sensual look without losing class and decency. If you want to be the one that shines at your graduation there’s a lot to be said for a simple and demure off the shoulder dress that is as neat a look as you can find.

The world of women’s fashion is as busy as ever and we reckon there’s so much choice in quality dresses now that you’ll want to try everything on! Browse the collection and see the different styles available, marvel in the range of colors, and imagine yourself in each one. That way, you’ll be able to create a shortlist of potential graduation dresses from the current range. Enjoy searching, and once you find the dress you love, enjoy wearing it to one of the most special occasions of your life.