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Evening gowns are the garments we all long for–we admire them in pictures, in stores, and on celebrities as they walk the red carpet. In other words, we’re all crossing our fingers and hoping for an invitation to an event with a black-tie dress code.

Finding the Perfect Evening Gown

When it comes to finding your perfect evening dress, there are just a few things to keep in mind. The right evening gown makes a statement, compliments the wearer’s figure, and creates a glamorous silhouette that will turn heads all night. 

Just like in every other area of fashion, there are trends in evening wear that come and go.  Before we discuss the evening gown trends you may decide to embrace this year, there are a few considerations you need to have in mind when choosing your evening gowns.

  • Color: It’s important to consider the color of your evening dress, regardless of trend. For example, if pastel yellow is on-trend, but you’re pale and blonde, you may find it washes you out too much. You’ve got to balance trends with what compliments your features. . Also consider what time of year it is: For example, jewel tones are always flattering in the winter.
  • Pattern: Not all patterns will suit all personalities, body types, and seasons. When in doubt, go monochromatic. 
  • Silhouette: The silhouette of your evening gown should be flattering and complimentary of your figure, regardless of the hot trends. The best dress will always be the one that looks great on you, so do some research into the best silhouettes for your body type.
  • Material: This is often influenced by the time of year and what sort of event you’re planning to wear your evening gown to. Materials like velvet, rayon and silk are very popular, but should be worn wisely depending on the event and time of year.
  • Event: What kind of evening gown is best to wear can depend heavily on what the event is. For instance, you’ll likely want something romantic, light, and airy for an outdoor wedding, while heavy fabrics and dramatic cuts may be more appropriate for a formal New Year’s Eve party. For more advice, check out our full guide to choosing the right dress for any occasion.

The preferred shape, material, and color of an evening gown have changed over time, so let’s explore some of the top evening gown trends this year.

5 Must-Wear Evening Gown Trends for 2023 

One-Shoulder Evening Gowns

The one shoulder dress silhouette is perfect for showing off your arms, collarbones, and shoulders. To add length to your frame, choose a dress with a slit on the opposite side of the single shoulder.  When it comes to accessorizing your one shoulder dress, try to avoid long pendants (as they can make your dress look unbalanced) and opt for a clutch purse as opposed to a bag with a strap. 

Mermaid Evening Gowns

Mermaid dresses hug the body but flare out at the bottom like a mermaid fin, which gives an eye-catching silhouette that will make you the center of attention. Mermaid dresses are great for accentuating the curves of your figure in a way that an A-line dress may not. Mermaid evening gowns typically have a sweetheart neckline, which pairs well with short necklaces or elegant chokers.  

Slip Evening Gowns

Remember the figure-skimming slip-style evening gowns of the 90s? Well, just like everything else from the 90s, they’re back in style! Combine the elegant simplicity of a slip-style evening gown with luxurious fabrics and jewelry for an elevated  90s call-back.

Bardot Neckline Evening Gowns

This neckline is a timeless classic and lends itself well to a slim-fitted cocktail dress, a mermaid-shaped gown, or a princess-style evening dress. This shape is perfect for showing off your shoulders and collarbones and has an inherently glamorous feel to it, no matter what accessories you pair it with. Wear with an updo for an ultra-feminine look.

Metallic Tone Evening Gowns

Metallic tones are the hot color trend for 2023–think golds, silvers, and even metallic blue! To be head-turning in all the right ways, keep the silhouette simple and fitted on top, bottom, or both. When you’re accessorizing with metallics, stay consistent for maximum shine, like pairing gold earrings with a gold dress. To make your accessories pop, choose a complimentary color. 

Now you know the trends, you can choose to follow one or simply choose from one of the many classic evening gown styles available. Remember, the number one thing to keep in mind as you choose from all the evening gowns here is that you need to love it – the rest is just a bonus! This is true whether you’re shopping for a dress for prom or simply a fun party dress: what matters most is that you feel incredible and happy in your look!