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Searching for the perfect prom dress can be a stressful experience, but with Sherri Hill there’s no need to get stressed! Our Spring 2022 collection of stunning prom dresses is here for you to check out at our website, in full glorious color and with more choice than you could ever imagine!

What are you looking for in a prom dress? Are you a girl who likes the sassy look with slit skirts to the thigh – the perfect choice for showing your legs – or perhaps you want a full on ballgown look, and who doesn’t love such a classic style? The Sherri Hill Spring 2022 collection is guaranteed to feature dresses that you love, so what can you expect to find?

Stunning Spring Colors

A designer with an eye for the latest in-styles and trends, Sherri Hill is a highly regarded figure in the world of prom dresses and this latest collection offers plenty of clues why that may be. Taking a classic design such as the off-one-shoulder full length ballgown and giving it her own touch is typical of the Sherri Hill way of working.

The result is a simply irresistible look that offers guaranteed style, especially when you factor in the amazing range of colors the 2022 Spring Collection encompasses. Look at the superbly shimmering pink examples with the metallic touches giving a more fluid look, or the sunshine-evoking bright orange prom dresses that are guaranteed to get you the looks.

The metallic sheen look is in right now and is set to be the big choice for Spring 2022 prom season, and by offering the effect in blues, greens, yellows and more Sherri Hill has created a collection that is simply sensational.

Sheer Chiffon Beauty

Another style that is sure to be a hit in Spring 2022 is the classic A-line off the shoulder look. The Spring 2022 collection offers a special take on this style with a floaty, chiffon-look skirt and a choice of upper body adornments including a sensational ‘butterfly’ bodice that at once unique and also an immediate classic. This is sure to be a hit with the prom crowd!

In glorious pink this design is as good as it gets, and we recommend you check out the superb deep purple example for something different. There are colors across the board, and we invite you to browse the collection of almost 300 dresses which is bound to include many that will catch your eye.

Guaranteed Quality and Sensible Prices

Sherri Hill has always designed for the woman who is looking for a quality prom dress at an affordable price and the Spring 2022 Collection continues this tradition. We believe that this range of gloriously inventive and beautiful prom dresses is sure to include your perfect dress. Whether you prefer long or short, simple or detailed, there will be a design among the Sherri Hill Spring 2022 collection that you fall in love with.