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Ball Gown

Explore our romantic ball gown collection. From classic, formal ball gowns to trendy, two-piece looks, we have everything for your next event.

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Ball Gowns 

Ball gowns are dresses fit for a princess! It’s not often that you get to shop for a dress like this, so why not make it extra special? Below, we’ll dive into what to look for in a ball gown, where to wear one, features that will make your gown stand out from the rest, and styling tips. 

What Is a Ball Gown? 

A ball gown is known for its silhouette, being composed of a tight bodice and a floor-length skirt, usually with lots of tulle layers. For people who aren’t into the idea of a big princess skirt, you can also find ball gowns with skirts that don’t have as many layers. 

Most commonly, ball gowns are strapless, have lighter pastel color palettes, and have a corset design on the back. However, ball gowns can be any neckline, back design, color, or sleeve length to fit your personal style, and there are tons of options to suit your needs if you’re looking to stand out. 

Places to Wear a Ball Gown 

You, unfortunately, can’t wear a ball gown every day, but there are several places where you’ll be able to shine in your princess dress. Here are the types of events you can look forward to wearing a ball gown: 


  • Formal dances, like prom 
  • White-tie events, like galas
  • Costume parties and events, like conventions 
  • Weddings, as directed by the organizers 


If you’re selecting a ball gown to wear to a wedding, do not choose a white gown. You’ll also want to avoid cream, ivory, or any other shades close to white. It can be helpful to get an idea of what the couple getting married is wearing so you can choose a gown that won’t compete with their looks. 

If you’re shopping for your ball gown as part of a wedding party, keep in mind any colors or styles that are assigned by the organizers of the event. You don’t want to pick out the gown of your dreams only to find you can’t wear it!

Style Choices to Make Your Ball Gown Stand Out 

If you’re wearing a ball gown to an event where you’re looking to stand out, you have a variety of options to do so. Here are some of our favorite eye-catching details and style choices. 

Removable Sleeves 

Removable sleeves can add dramatic flair to any ball gown, plus they can transform your gown to a strapless neckline, lending a bit more versatility to this look than a ball gown with sleeves. 

Removable sleeves may blend in with the primary color of your gown or they may contrast with another color complementary to your gown’s color scheme. Alternatively, you can add gloves to a strapless or spaghetti-strap neckline for extra drama. 

Printed Ball Gown 

A printed ball gown balances a sense of playfulness with the grandeur of the ball gown silhouette. Prints on a ball gown may either be on the skirt or on the bodice, but there are lots of options for all-over print for a look that’s more adventurous. 

Your ball gown can have a subtle print to add a touch of elegant flair, or you can go with something that has more contrast for a bold vibe. 

High Slit 

A high slit detail on the skirt maintains the formality of a ball gown while making it easier to dance and move around. This is a pretty uncommon detail, so this is a fabulous choice for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd. 

High slits are also great for a shoe choice that’s delicate but still very pretty. You can go with a neutral dress and jewel-tone shoes for an extra striking look. 

Two-Piece Ball Gown 

Two-piece ball gowns are more playful and slightly less formal than a traditional ball gown silhouette, but they’re nonetheless dramatic. This look is made up of a top, usually cropped, and a long, dramatic skirt that either matches or has a complementary color palette. 

Two-piece ball gowns are by far the most versatile look in terms of dressing for events – you can even mix and match the two pieces. Just be sure you keep dress codes in mind if you’re going with this choice. 

Bold Color Ball Gown 

The most popular color story for ball gowns includes pastels or white, but if you’re more adventurous, why not go for something more daring? Choose a bold hue like red, teal, or even black to stand out from the crowd. 

When you’re choosing colors, think about your favorite shades to wear, as well as which colors best compliment your skin and hair tones. If you’re going with a black gown, you can include a pop of any color in your accessories and shoes and still look polished. 

Don’t Forget Accessories! 

When it comes to accessorizing your ball gown, less tends to be more. Your dress is the star of the show, after all! 

For the most part, you’ll want to keep your shoes neutral and more low-key to avoid attention being drawn away from your dress. Be careful with shoes that feature rhinestones, as they can catch on your dress’s tulle and make you trip. 

If there is silver or gold included within the dress details, you’ll want to match it accordingly with your jewelry for a consistent look. Remember not to pile on the statement pieces – not only will they compete with your dress, but they’ll also compete with each other if you’re doing flashy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Keep your neckline in mind when you’re picking out necklaces. One-shoulder or other asymmetrical necklines tend to look cleaner with a very short necklace, or no necklace at all. 

Find the Ball Gown of Your Dreams 

Whether you’re looking for a wedding party look or a striking princess dress for a gala, there’s no shortage of ball gown options to suit your event needs and personal style. The most important thing when you’re searching for your dream gown is that you feel confident and beautiful when you’re wearing it.