Nine Prom Dresses You Can Wear to School

Prom season means finding that perfect dress, and it takes a lot of doing! What sort of dress do you want? What do you enjoy wearing? More to the point, you want to buy a prom dress that you can also wear elsewhere. To school perhaps? Your school likely has a dress code but you can still look great in a dress that could double for a prom outfit with the right accessories. Here’s our take on nine great styles and designs that you could also wear for school.

Satin Ball Gown Dress

Style 54269 in Pink.

Among the current trends for teens and younger girls is the satin ball gown look. A style that is never out of fashion, girls are wearing these great designs, giving a look that is classy and elegant too. It’s a style that will suit most body types and one that looks good at a party, in town, in school, or on a night out. Choose your colors carefully and you have a dress that is as versatile as it gets.

Star print Mini-Dress

Style 54128 in Black/Silver.

Stars print never goes out of style, and we like the mini-dress options that feature tiny beaded star patterns that are superbly styled and simply timeless. A cute and simple look, this will be well within the school’s dress code and yet elegant enough to make the right impact at prom. Wear it with noticeable jewelry for prom and without for school, and you’ll look amazing either way.

Little Black Number

Style 53994 in Black.

We couldn’t talk about dress styles without mentioning the Little Black Dress. A staple of every girl’s wardrobe, this is perhaps the simplest style for prom, and a quite stunning one for school. Easy to wear and great to look at, you’ll get all the admiring glances you want when you turn up for school in this design, and at prom it’s simply a classic for the times.

Cut-Out Glass Design Dress

Style 54149 in Pink.

Popular right now are dresses with geometric cut-outs – usually around the waist – that can look sensational when worn with the right accessories. We think this style may show a bit too much flesh for school, but that depends on the school! Try in in black, shocking blue or bright red for maximum impact.

Cute Pink Maxi Dress

Style 54909 in Bright Pink.

The simple cute pink maxi dress is the perfect choice for a prom dress. It’s also ideal for school being sleek, stylish, and not too revealing, but beautiful at the same time. Whether you go for bright pink, or a more lighter shade is up to you, but it’s the perfect color for a multi-use dress. We like the examples with string shoulder straps for that summer style.

Waist Tie Beaded Floral Design

Stye 55004 in Pink.

A popular theme for 2022 fashion is that of dresses tied at the waist. Usually with a flowing or A-line skirt and shoelace straps, these dresses look quite superb in the popular bold floral designs that are currently very much ‘in.’ Think bright pink on a white background, or stunning yellow sunflowers rendered large and immediate. This is a design for the girl who wants to make an impact at the prom and look superb and stylish at school.

Simple Slip Dress

Style 55010 in Bright Pink.

There’s something about a slip dress that makes it a certainty for any wardrobe. Elegant and stylish, graceful, and gorgeous yet so easy to wear, this is one that is perfect for both prom and school and that won’t cause a fuss at the latter! Think pretty bright shades or simple black or white for this choice and add a versatile and wearable garment to your wardrobe.

Puff-Sleeve A-line

Style 54986 in Red.

The A-line dress looks great with details such as puff-sleeves and works in just about any color combination. A great choice for school as it is a traditional look, it can be suitably accessorized for prom to create a quit stunning impact.

Girl Next Door Look

Sherri Hill Prom Dresses
Style 53051 in Periwinkle.

Why not rock the girl next door look for the prom? If it’s the way you go for school, then it will work for you at prom. Not only will you look great, but you’ll also feel comfortable away from those stares and looks you don’t want, as not everybody wants to be the center of attention.

That’s our nine choices and within each you’ll find many different options to choose from, so start by browsing the many online fashion retailers and find that dual purpose dress you’ve always wanted.

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