The Best Party Dresses for Every Occasion

Choosing a dress to suit the occasion is about more than just looking good. You want to be comfortable, too, and attract just the right amount of attention, but not too much. Every occasion invites a style of dressing, and some dresses may be more appropriate for one occasion than another. We’re going to keep things simple and talk about suitable dresses for some popular occasions, so let’s start with one that often causes problems: homecoming.

A Dress for Homecoming

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Choosing a dress for homecoming is all about being you, projecting your personality in the way you look. The first thing to consider is whether your homecoming has a theme. If it does, that makes your choice a lot easier! If not, you need to find a dress for your body type and shape and one that you are happy to wear.

Our suggestion would be that if you want to be the one everyone looks at, choose a homecoming dress that is off the shoulder, perhaps backless and that shows off your figure to the full. If not, and you want to watch rather than be watched, keep it simple, demure, and stylish, and choose a muted color and design that blends nicely and allows you to stay in the background while enjoying yourself.

A Dress for a Wedding

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Here we are talking about you being a guest; being the bride or bridesmaid is another chapter! The first rule of guests dressing for a wedding is that you don’t upstage the bride. That’s considered rude, so rule out revealing dresses, or those that are supremely fanciful, and think simple and stylish.

A short but full dress is a great choice for outdoor weddings, while a longer and less revealing outfit is recommended for a church. You may want to look for two outfits – one for the church service and one for the reception – but don’t overdo it. This is one occasion – and there are many others – where the little black dress might be the way to go.

A Dress for the Office Party

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The office party is an occasion shared with people you work with. Some will be friends, others colleagues, and there will be those from higher in the hierarchy than you for whom you want to make a good impression. You’ll know what sort of party to expect as you’ll have talked with your colleagues, so how do you make that impression?

The answer is quite simple: think respectable but glamorous. You may wear a dress for work, and you want to be completely different at a party. A dress that reflects your outgoing side will be a good choice – red is a great party color, and strapless is a good look – and it’s up to you the image you want to present, but we strongly recommend staying firmly on the side of decency! Your bosses will be present, so dress to impress!

A Dress for a Night on the Town

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You’re due a night on the town with your girlfriends, so what to wear? Here’s the best bit of advice you’ll ever hear about dressing for a night out: ask what everyone else plans to wear, so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb! But, while doing so, also be you. Make sure you’re not wearing something simply because it’s what’s expected but also because you enjoy it, like it, and feel comfortable in it.

The choice will also depend on where you’re going. Some establishments have strict dress codes so you need to know in advance which ones you are visiting, while in other places you may want to make sure you don’t attract the wrong kind of attention! Work with each other on this one and you’ll have a great time.

A Dress for All Occasions

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That one dress that you can wear anywhere, anytime, and with anyone: what’s it going to be? You could put your aforementioned little black number in here, but we think there is plenty more choice for a versatile and beautiful dress. We’re talking A-line, not too short but not too long, in a neutral color that can pair with anything. The sort of girl next door look that fits both casual and semi-formal occasions. Get it right, and you really can’t go wrong with your anywhere dress!

Be you, have fun and enjoy the occasion is what we’re saying in short, and remember to stay within the bounds of decency and look your best.