Types of Graduation Dresses: Which One Is Best for You?

Choosing a graduation dress is something that you want to take a lot of time over. After all, this is a once in a lifetime occasion that you want to enjoy and remember, so looking and feeling great is part of the deal. There are many factors to consider when making such an important decision, and we have put together a list of the most important. So, let’s begin by considering the occasion you are dressing for.

Formal or Informal Occasion?

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For the actual graduation you may be wearing the traditional gown, but if not, you need to choose an outfit for the day. What sort of occasion are you dressing for? Have you arranged a party afterwards, or a formal dinner? Or are you just going to go out on the town with friends? The occasion itself will heavily influence the dress you wear, so that needs to be taken seriously. Next, we need to look at you and your body type so we can work out the type of dress that you will look best in.

What’s Your Body Type?

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Each of us is different in terms of shape and size, yet the fashion industry classes us into four general body types. These are hourglass, pear (or triangle), athletic and round. Let’s have a look at what each means, and the type of dress that will flatter that body type.

An hourglass body is one that is well proportioned both in the bust and the hips with each around the same size. Open and V-neck dresses suit this body type as do dresses that are clinched at the waist.

For the girl with the pear body type the hips are generally wider in proportion to the bust. Dresses for this type of shape are best as a strapless design or a fitted top, and A-line dresses flatter this shape too.

The athletic body type has narrower hips than shoulders and a dress that has embellishments or other added details will replicate the hourglass shape as best possible.

Of course, these are guidelines, and the most important factor may be wearing a dress that you like, so let’s have a quick look at that.

What Styles do You Like?

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The one factor that is more important than anything else is that you feel comfortable and happy wearing the dress you choose. It’s not about pleasing others or conforming to the fashion rules above, but about making the occasion work for you. If there is a particular type of dress that you like to wear, then do so. That will make you comfortable for the occasion.

You have probably already worked out the type of dress that flatters your shape, and that puts you a step ahead when making your choice. Don’t be influenced by what others expect you to wear but choose what you like and enjoy wearing. It’s your occasion, after all! Now we need to talk about the subject nobody enjoys thinking about – how much you can afford to spend.

Final Words

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The above is by no means a comprehensive guide to choosing a graduation dress but we hope we’ve given you some inspiration and ideas as to the best places to start searching. Enjoy your shopping and find yourself the perfect dress for what will be a very special occasion.

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