My 5 Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Choosing a prom dress isn’t something you can do in a moment. You might have a theme to meet, or perhaps a color that is behind the theme. With so much to choose from it can become a stressful experience. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist of five things you can do to make choosing your prom dress easier, less stressful, and more fun. Let’s start by talking about body shape.

1: Know Your Body Shape

Sherri Hill Perfect Prom Dress
Style 54912 in Ivory/Gold.

Every one of us is different. We are humans, and humans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You may or may not know your body type, but it can be important in choosing the right dress. For example, a girl who is ‘pear shaped’ has broader hips than shoulders. This means wearing a dress that draws attention to the upper body is a good choice. A girl who is ‘athletic’ may want to wear something that highlights their midriff, for example.

There is plenty of information on dresses for body types and we recommend you check it out. Our first selection, however, is to look in your closet. You know what you like, and that’s because you know what looks good on you, so following the style of your favorites should be a good starting point.

2: Buy What You Like

Sherri Hill Perfect Prom Dress
Style 55001 in Blue.

So, buying a prom dress is about buying something special for a one-off occasion, right? It can be, but can you really afford to buy a dress you will only wear once? We suggest that – as with the above point – you stick with what you know you like. This way, you can buy a dress in a different color than that you would normally buy, or perhaps a different top style or other details, but one that you could wear for occasions such as weddings, christenings and birthdays. In other words, something you like rather than something you believe appropriate.

3: Browse Through Stores

Sherri Hill Perfect Prom Dress

If you are already a fan of shopping, you will know the benefits that browsing retail stores brings.

The main reason people shy away from shopping for fashion online is that they cannot try it on beforehand. We have two suggestions: find the bricks and mortar store that holds the dress and try it on there, you might fall in love and end up buying it person. You get to have to experience, so nice! If you decide to shop online, ensure you shop with one of the many online retailers who offer a free returns deal, which means if you don’t like it you can return the dress without added costs.

4: Don’t Be Influenced by Others

Sherri Hill Perfect Prom Dress

Your friends may be planning to dress in a similar way. They might have the theme sorted and may be pressuring you to join in. The question is this: do you want to? Or do you want to do your own thing? Many girls are outgoing, the sort who is always in the spotlight. Others like to stay in the background and just enjoy things. Most are in between and will want to wear something in which they look and feel great. If your friends have something planned and it doesn’t appeal to you, you don’t have to do it. Be you, wear what you like, and choose a dress you love.

5: Wear What You Are Comfortable Wearing

Sherri Hill Perfect Prom Dress

The above point leads us to this one, which is being comfortable in your prom dress. We don’t just mean the fit, but also the style and finish of the dress. You don’t want to display too much cleavage, for example? Then you don’t have to as doing so will make you feel uncomfortable. The same applies for dresses that are short, or have a slashed skirt, or are off the shoulder and so on. Any style that will make you feel a little out of place will spoil the prom for you, and it’s meant to be a fun occasion.

Take your time picking a prom dress and use the tips we have given you as inspiration, and you will find a dress that fits the bill. So, start browsing now and make a shortlist of styles you are looking for, and you’ll find a beautiful dress in which you can be the person you are.

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