2024 Homecoming Dress Trends You Need to Know About

Homecoming is a special occasion, and this celebration of your classmates, alumni, and school spirit often involves sports events, in-school activities, and a homecoming dance. For many, the homecoming dance is a way to show off your personal style and enjoy a fun night with friends on the dance floor.

We know that choosing the perfect dress for homecoming takes a lot of effort, especially if you aren’t sure where to begin this search. That’s why we’ve put together a style guide that highlights 2023 homecoming dress trends to get you started with some style ideas.

Below, you’ll find essential homecoming dress trends for 2022 and 2023, many of which are timeless classics that help you flaunt your unique style.

The One-Shoulder Look

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Chic and elegant, the one-shoulder look is an effortless classic. There are plenty of choices in terms of dress color, style, and length, and the one-shoulder look spices up the bodice of whichever dress you settle on.

One-shoulder dresses are popular as formal long gowns, but they also make great cocktail-length dresses. Choose whichever one fits your style and your homecoming dance theme the best.

Ball Gown Glamor

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Ball gowns with full skirts definitely make a statement, and if you love the drama of a glamorous dress complete with layered skirts, this style of dress is for you.

Ball gown-style dresses are best worn in formal situations, and you can select whichever color and embellishments you feel best suits your homecoming occasion. We recommend delicate jewelry and a pair of high heels to complete this glam look.

Flashy and Eye-Catching

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Popular homecoming dress trends for 2022 and 2023 are dresses with flashy, eye-catching embellishments.

Dresses with sequins, mirror cut-outs, and ribbons or metallic fabrics are all the rage. Select a bright silver or gold dress to make a statement at homecoming, or try a bright color like pink or blue for a flashy glam style.

Subtly Stunning

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Plenty of homecoming dresses show just the right amount of skin, and if you’re a fan of this style, don’t hesitate to get one of these subtly stunning dresses.

Most dresses designed in this fashion leave spaces for your shoulders, back, stomach, or most of your legs to show through. When paired with high heels and the proper accessories, these looks are stunning, subtly sexy, and sure to turn heads.

Casual Cocktail Length

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If you’re shying away from a formal or longer gown, a more casual cocktail length dress is just the thing for you. This style typically falls around the knee or just above the knee, and cocktail dresses are great for almost every occasion.

You can select from a variety of styles when it comes to cocktail dresses, choosing from tighter and more skin-hugging fabrics to casual dresses with flowing skirts.

Plus, cocktail dresses are always in style, so you can be sure to be on top of homecoming dress trends for 2023 with this look.

What Were the 2022 Homecoming Trends?

Many of the trends that are stylish in 2023 are similar to ones that were popular in 2023. The primary difference is that 2023 calls for bolder, more daring versions of what 2022 offered.

For instance, if you opted for a flowy, romantic gown in 2022 for homecoming or any other big event, this year, you may want to choose a full-on princess ball gown to really embrace the romantic vibes!

Where Can I Find a Stylish Homecoming Dress?

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If one of these trending styles appeals to you, you are likely wondering where to search next for your homecoming dress. There are plenty of options including local boutique stores, dress stores in malls, and thrift stores.

You can also utilize online homecoming and prom dress websites to filter your searches by style, size, and color to easily find a trendy homecoming dress that fits your personal style.

Which Homecoming Dress Trend Is the Best?

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2023 homecoming dress trends include timelines classics mixed with bold, bright colors. A cocktail length dress, a dramatic ball gown, or a simple formal gown highlighted by an off-the-shoulder look are all excellent choices to wear to your homecoming dance.

As for which is the best, that’s for you to decide! Browse our dress collections to find a homecoming dress that resonates with your personal style and will let you feel your most confident during homecoming. A homecoming dress in any style that helps you have fun and feel great will be the best trend for you.