The Latest Homecoming Dresses Trends You Need to Know About

Homecoming is one of the most special occasions of all. It marks a point in life that can herald many changes. The outfit you choose for your homecoming is one that will define who you are and what you have become, and you want to look great while displaying your personality through the way you dress. Choosing the right style of dress takes time and effort, so where do you begin?

We have put together a brief guide that outlines trends in homecoming dresses, which should give you inspiration for your search. Not all of these will be to your taste, but there will be one that you appreciate. Let’s begin with a classic look that may or may not be your street – the off the shoulder look.

The Off the Shoulder Look

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses

This is a look that is not for everyone, yet it is one that is endlessly chic, a touch daring, and rather beautiful if done well. Off the shoulder dresses are in right now for homecoming and occasions, and there is plenty of choice in terms of colour, style, and length. This type of dress usually works best when worn long – a full length skirt is the perfect complement to the short top – so check it out now if you like the idea.

Glamour and Grace

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses

Think the Golden Age of Hollywood, with Grace Kelly elegantly entering a room wearing a beautiful and glamorous dress that shouts class and style, and you have instant inspiration for this style and look. It’s not an easy one to carry off – the wide swaying style of skirt needs a particular approach – but when done so it is a look that will get you plenty of attention.

Flashy and Fiery

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses

Are you the sort of girl who is the star of the party? One who really likes to show off? Then this is your occasion to go metallic! Yes, we said metallic, and it is all the rage right now. Silver, flashy dresses are the way to go if you want to make the right impression – or gold if you want to go full glam – and there are some great designs that put a touch of colour – say pink or blue – in the mix. Try it, and you’ll love it!

Daring and Delightful

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses

How courageous are you when it comes to showing a bit of flesh? If you’re up for it, why not? There are some quite wonderful dress designs that are cleverly made to show just enough but not too much – daring and delightful is how we describe it – so you can look quite stunning yet not over the top. There’s plenty of choice if you like this style, so it might take some time choosing the right one.

Simple Yet Stylish

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses

For the girl who doesn’t want to be the star of the show there are some great dresses that are simple yet supremely stylish. This is the sort of dress you can wear to any occasion – formal or informal – so you’ll get value for money with this option. Think plain black, above the knee perhaps, with minimal accessories and endless chic style, and you are on the right lines. A mature choice that will have you looking just right, there’s a lot of impact with little outlay if you head down this route.

Check Your Closet

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses

Before you go shopping and buy an expensive dress, what is there in your closet that might do the job? Have a look through and revive that forgotten party dress you wore just once or put together an outfit using some of the items you don’t often wear. This is an occasion when you can be who you are to the full, without having to try and be something you’re not! Be yourself, show your style, and you’ll look wonderful at your homecoming do.

Shopping Online

Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses

Before we finish start your search for a homecoming dress by browsing online fashion blogs and stores, and you’ll get a wealth of inspiration as well as an idea of what is trending. You’ll also find there are plenty of bargains to be had if you find the right stores, with quality designer gear at prices that you might not believe!

We hope that this article has given you some ideas for your homecoming outfit and that you can find the right dress or items to show your true self to all your friends, so all that remains is for us to say enjoy the search!