How To Pick the Perfect Homecoming Dress for Every Figure

If you are having trouble picking the perfect homecoming dress, we’re here to give you a hand! It can be difficult enough to decide the color but when it comes to your figure and body shape, things get even more so! We’re all different and every individual has their own taste, yet there are certain types of dress for each figure and those you should avoid. We’re also going to talk about the shorter and more petite among you. We’ve taken five of the standard women’s figure classifications and will give you advice on the right type of dress for you.

The Hourglass

Style 53917 in Emerald.

If you are one of the lucky ladies with equally proportioned waist and bust you are an Hourglass girl, and you have a choice of styles that will suit you and bring out the best in you. One style that will certainly do the job is that with a clinched-in waist which will enhance the proportions above and below. You may also benefit from a v-neckline, while open necks and dresses with a belt also add to the look. What you need to avoid are baby-doll designs and oversized and shapeless dresses which will do nothing to enhance your figure. Choose bright colors if that is your style or for a neat touch a floral print will look great on you.

The Pear

Sherri Hill Dress

The Pear or Triangle figure is that of the lady who has a larger proportioned waist and hips than bust and upper body. This sort of figure needs a dress that draws the attention away from the larger-proportioned area. A strapless dress, for example, enhances the shoulder and neck area and takes the eye that way, and a V-neck dress can do the same. An A-line or full skirt dress will help hide the waist and hip proportion, buy steer clear of very short dresses and those with full volume in the skirt. Also not recommended are figure-hugging dresses and those that are oversized or loose.

An Athletic Body

Style 54128 in Black/Silver.

The Athletic body type is where your waist and hips are less broad than the shoulders, meaning you need to create the illusion of a wider waist. This can be done by wearing a dress that has embellishments in the waist area, or ruffles for a broader effect. Try an A-line dress or any that flows out from the waist for a truly sexy and stylish look. If you have a bigger bust think V-neck for effect, or any dressed pinched in at the waist. Avoid hemlines that are very short and also stay clear of strapless and thinly strapped dresses if you have the heavier bust.

The Rounded Body

Style 54390 in Light Blue gives a dramatic entrance with a chiffon cape.

Apple or round body types are the ladies who carry the weight in the mid-section and have slim legs and an undefined waist. The need here is to create the illusion of shape in the upper body, and there are many ways this can be done. Any dress that is belted, an A-line, or even an empire waist design will draw the attention upwards, which is what you want. Wraps and full-skirted dresses also do the job, and if you have short legs that short hemline is a great choice. Don’t go for horizontal lines or fitted waists as these will highlight the midsection too much.

For the Smaller Girl

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The Petite girl can find life very difficult when looking for the ideal dress, so here are our tips if you happen to be on the smaller side. Fitted dresses, and those with an asymmetrical hemline, are great for girls of 5’ 3” and under as they highlight the body. Short dresses are also recommended as are those with pleats, vertical prints, and a V-neck. In fact, the only type not recommended for the shorter woman would be the full-on ballgown which can be overwhelming for a petite figure. If you want to look taller, avoid horizontal prints which will draw attention to your height.

Finally, remember that homecoming is not just about what you wear, but also about enjoying yourself. Wear a dress that you love, one that you look at and fall for, and wear one that is comfortable in the circumstances. Make sure it fits, as the last thing you want to be doing all the time is adjusting your dress! We hope that we’ve helped you find the easiest way to discover the right homecoming dress for your body type and shape, so get searching now and enjoy your homecoming.